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A Gallery of Ears   General Discussions

Started 2/27/17 by Wintertrian; 237 views.

From: Wintertrian


I believe it's American Pharoah.

Do you see left ear, appears to have completely turned around to the back. listening to his groom or something who was behind him. Right ear was off to side, possibly on the male who was standing there, maybe was talking or trying to get his attention.

At any rate, he is not really concentrating on the fans in front of him....that indicates to me his lack of "concern/worry" about the fans reaching out to him in front of him where he can clearly SEE and use his eyes.   Confident there. 



The gallery of ears at bottom of this article was interesting.  


I am still thinking about Mohaymen.     He was obviously either being asked to do too much, or was physically uncomfortable or rider was not balanced, etc.  He was not *enjoying* his workouts..... and we should not overlook that.  Pinned ears every time you workout is not a good sign. Could be wrong bit, sore back, trainer putting horse under too much pressure, etc.)  He was also a small horse, so maybe he wanted some of the other horses around him "outa there".   I remember people making excuses for him.  I still believe he was out of his comfort zone.

Gallery of ears:


I just find horse ears interesting, the same way I find dog's feet to have a rather "exotic" smell, sometimes like corn chips.  Humans do not use their ears as expressively. 


From: smartyslew


one would think one of those would have tulip ears, i didn't see any did you?
As you know that supposedly is a sign of large heart carriers, and i haven't seen
one yet!


From: Wintertrian


I don't know if there is really anything to it, but it's fun to look.  Most photographers don't take good closeups, they are photographing horses as athletes, in athletic magnificence. except barbara livingston and sometimes people who snapshot at the stable/barn on facebook stuff. 

Marianna Haun talked about it in one of her did Frank Mitchell, but it was actually based on something that Penny Chenery who bred Secretariat noticed: "small ears, big heart".   Princequillo X-Chromasome which Secretariat got from is dam, Somethingroyal, a Princequillo daughter.  I think when Haun interviewed Mrs. Chenery something about this struck her. 

All horses ears are shaped sort of tulip-like to me and apparently, unlike humans, there are about 3 different kinds of ears that horses can have...... , but the "curly ends" and the edges are more markedly curled inward, and ears on on the smallish side........versus the larger flat ones, denote the tulip thing.

If you can find a good photo of Princequillo.....he had those curly ears or look at Secretariat standing with Eddie Sweat you can see how smallish and "curly" his ears are esp. in contrast to the rest of his head.   

Nyquist had them, if this helps: smallish and curly tips and the edges are distinctly curled inwards as opposed to flatter, straighter  (harder to tell when they are upright and not relaxed)..sometimes easier to see when they are next to another horse, ala nyquist and exaggerator....even when they are laid back like here:


Princequillo it's obvious:  very "curly" and small, very pointy tips


Again the problem is finding good photos, helps to see the horse in person and not when the ears are "pricked" like satellite dishes.  :)  I will look for some good ones of Beholder and Zenyatta, Archarcharch, AP Indy, etc. 

Of course not all horses from the supposed large heart carriers will HAVE these ears.