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Lani races on Sat   General Discussions

Started 3/4/17 by Wintertrian; 105 views.

From: Wintertrian


 He is racing Sat in Meydan, Race 6.   Gets Ryan Moore.

Picture on the meydan twitter site, 5th down, he looks like a beast as usual


As you already heard, Mubtahiij ran 2nd in his big return to the races --- "Mike de Kock had cautioned that Mubtaahij entered the race well short of his best and was using this race only to gain fitness toward another World Cup run, but North Americans bet him down to 7-5"


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From: Wintertrian


My goodness, I HOPE we have some "personality" in this year's TC races.

Lani with his antics, Mubtaahij with his long workouts, Mine that Bird arriving practically in back of p/u truck then ignored, Hansen with his colored/dyed tail, the maiden Great Redeemer coming in 47 lengths behind Spectacular Bid when the photographers had snapped the "last one in", thought the race was over, and here comes Great Redeemer who had not gotten to the finish line yet   ROTFL 

(so many years there's too many stories about the PEOPLE....blech!)....

Bring it on!