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My Derby wagers   Triple Crown

Started 5/6/17 by SittnChilly2; 6343 views.

From: SittnChilly2


Hi folks,

While I'm more of a long-time lurker than a frequent poster in this forum, I'm very grateful for everyone's contributions as always.  Your shared thoughts have all, in one way or another, helped me to formulate, question, reconsider, and eventually crystallize my own thoughts for this running of the Derby.  In case anyone is interested, here's how I eventually decided to structure things...

I took a (difficult, but necessary for me) stance against a couple of the favorites, tossing both IWC and McC from my super.  I decided that my key horse is Gunn, my next most prominent horses are TS and Hence, and then my others are AD, CE, LAL, and Sonn.  I risked a total of $60, spread out as follows...

$18 WIN:   10 

$2 EX:   2-8 with 2-8-10-5-14-1-12   ($24)

$1 TRI:                                                            10 with 2-8-5-14-1-12 with 2-8   ($10)

$1 SUPER:                                                      10 with 2-8 with 5-14 with 1-12   ($8)

If anyone else would like to share their own card of Derby wagers in this thread, I'd love to see it.  I'm always up for learning new ways to structure bets within a given budget.

Good luck, and enjoy the race!

Sittin Chilly


From: bestgtor22


Not sure what my straight tris and supers will be yet but I plan to bet Hence to win and do a boxed exacta of Hence and Gunnevera with 80% of my money. The only favorite in my exotics will be CE except for AD in just a couple of straight tris.


From: Oldbettowin


As long as they stay over 10-1 I'm going to a Jackson on Hence and Thunder Snow both to win.  Sounds dumb but I really like them both.

Exactas:  Hence-TS with Hence-TS-Irap-Gormley.  That's already $52 so I'm going cheap on the super and no tri.

Super:  Hence-TS with Hence-TS with -Irap-Gormley-Gunny-F&A-Patch with same 5.  $40, total of $92.  Might have to do without Guiness for a few months.


From: OldForesight


My win bet wager will also be on Gunnevera.  McCraken is really looking good on the track in the mornings and is must use underneath.

$50 win, Gunnevera

$2 Exacta; Gunnevera with McCraken, Irish War Cry, Patch, Hence & Girvin 

Total $60    

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From: DogsUp


to all

Tri wheel

1st    5 - 10 - 17

2nd & 3rd

1   5   7  8  9  -10 - 11- 14 15 - 17 -18 - 19

SameSteve G

From: SameSteve G


Exacta - 15/17/18 over 1/2/7/8/10/14  and then flipped over.   I've split the keys & wheels for different bet amounts.  Too much detail to list.  I'm covered on those numbers.

Exacta box - 1/2/7/8/10/14  and  Exacta box - 15/17/18

Win Bets - 2,8

Good luck to everyone!



14 over 2-5-6-8-10 in larger tris, 14 over 2-8 in exactas. Flipped and boxed for smaller amounts.

A few supers with those and 15,16,17 on the bottom.


From: Gerh





Will meets around with some tris using these numbers.Best of luck to everyone and let's pray that all these wonderful athletes get back safely 


From: sovereign1


Just a couple of straight bets and 4 supers keying in on 3 main picks and 5 contenders. Swinging for the fences

  1. 8,12,17 / 8,12,17 / 8,12,17 / 1,2,10,14,15 
  2. 8,12,17 / 8,12,17 / 1,2,10,14,15 / 8,12,17 
  3. 8,12,17 / 1,2,10,14,15 / 8,12,17 / 8,12,17
  4. 1,2,10,14,15 / 8,12,17 / 8,12,17 / 8,12,17 

Ladder (20/40/80) on 12

50 W on 8

Now you know who to toss immediately!

Husker (Birdman506)

From: Husker (Birdman506)


Not wagering, but I'm picking McCraken, Classic Empire, Irish War Cry, Lookin At Lee. Hate to go so chalky. Anything could happen really.

Also like the 3 Gs and Thunder Snow.