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Toughest races to handicap   Handicapping

Started 5/8/17 by radiocblue; 399 views.

From: radiocblue


We fear the unknown, the races and situations where field size is larger than normal, with distances that are unique to the horse, and sometimes the handicapper, in races where most of us as North American handicappers can't figure out because of a lack of PP info (or PPs!), and the very race itself is different than the NA norm. 
I don't have a master list of the toughest races to handicap but I want to introduce such a list as a talking point.  We put so much emphasis on these races that we should gives ourselves some slack for even putting the effort and money into them. 
Here, in no particular order, is my initial list, which does have the continental bias: 
KY Derby
Grand National 
Belmont Stakes
Dubai World Cup 
Any racing at Dubai
Any steeplechases
Races in Europe or Asia

My question: How do you play an unknown race? For me, The Grand National is the big mystery, as there are 40 horses in a steeplechase, in a 4.5 mile race over at least 30 hurdles. Some even die in the race.      
What races for you are most challenging?


From: sovereign1


Non-stakes races in Hong Kong and Australia-A and B