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New Ways of Maintaining Interest in/Achieving Triple Crown    General Discussions

Started 6/15/17 by HoopJr45; 970 views.

From: HoopJr45


Two years remvoed from American Pharoah's sweep, we needways  to keep public interest alive when there's no shot of Triple Crown winner going into Belmont.  Taht race could have a permanent subtitle: The 3-Year-Old Endurance Challenge, which can stand alone if no Triple Crown is on the line. 

Not only that, weeed to recognoze to have a Triple Crown winner: it's always the horse, with connections secondary though sometimes equal.  In '95  D Wayne lukas puled fof the only "Trainer Triple" in the Crown-I'd welcome more of those (Pletcher came close this time).  How about an Owner Triple?  Rarest of the rare: a Jockey Triple, or a Breeder Triple. 

Most practical are the trainer and owner Triples while we continue to celebrate the traditional Triple.  So now, before Saratoga opens with its two-year-old showcase races, is when owners and trainers should start planning which of these three Triples they are most likely to win.  

SameSteve G

From: SameSteve G


Hello Hoop.  The only people even slightly interested in riders, trainers, breeders & owners are already fans of the sport.  

If racing cannot increase public interest in the sport through the horses (the obvious stars of the show) do you really believe that public interest will be ignited because some owner, breeder or trainer has a personal triple on the line?

Maybe the immediate family members might be stoked.  :)

Racing is actually relatively healthy on the big days.  The real problem for racing are the endless grind of poor, non-descript daily races when the tracks are nearly empty, the horses are anonymous except to the daily bettors & racing never crosses people's minds.

365 days in the year.  3 TC days, 2 BC days & a handful of other "big" days are not the problem.

Figure out something for the 300 days racing is on life-support & would have already shut down in most places if they weren't being propped up with casino revenue. 


From: TexSquared


For years we heard racing fans say "we need a Triple Crown winner to revive racing".  OK, we got our TC winner 2 years ago.  Hell, he even won the made-up "Grand Slam". Did we suddenly get a huge influx of new fans dumping money into the pools into the day-in day-out races the rest of the year?    Didn't think so...

Did the popularity of "Seabiscuit" and "Secretariat" movies (and to a lesser extent, "Dreamer" and "Hidalgo") suddenly bring in new fans?  Same answer.

Similarly we hear all these wise guys (you know who I mean) who keep repeating "lower the takeout".  That's as ridiculous as thinking if Major League Baseball lowered its ticket prices by $10, suddenly losing teams in smaller markets will sell out their midweek night games against other losing teams.  (I think that's a good analogy -- gone are the days when MLB games were always sold out like NFL games.  162-game grind of a season mimics the 8-month grind at Woodbine...)

There is no silver bullet solution. The sport is what it is.   Lowering takeout, bringing back TC bonuses or introducing new awards, TC winners every year, introducing newer crazier lottery bets, and (yes, sad to say) bringing in Hong Kong style regulations, won't suddenly pack the stands and inflate the pools.


From: smartyslew


365 days a year is to long of a season and like noted its to long of a season.

i think Oaklawn and their model has it right with there short season and 

the rest of the country is screwed because nobody wants to have a seasonal

short session and the southern states have the advantage on the weather

and i don't think anybody wants to see a 9 month or 6 month season for horse racing. etc, etc

SameSteve G

From: SameSteve G


I think your analogy works.  Only die-hard fans stay focused day in & day out, no matter the quality of the product.

That's the problem in a nutshell:  quantity over quality.   


From: Wintertrian


smartyslew said...

i think Oaklawn and their model has it right with there short season

If you study the history of OP, the original Mr. Cella was very clear about what he thought was killing the NY tracks (even back then).



I'd like to see a bonus for runners who race in all three legs and win the Belmont.


From: Gerh


Or a bonus for running in all three legs period


From: fivestaryak


That's a good one, Cubs.  The connections need to pick it up in 2018 and 2019, but the trend is not looking good.  Some stuff that won't buy you a coffee.

205 runners have tried all three legs from 1918 to present producing 62 Derby wins, 65 Preakness wins and 50 Belmont wins.  54 of those 205 runners managed to win two or three legs.

Most in a given year to fewest:

Six: 96; Five: 87, 75, 66; Four: 01,99,91,88,79,74,64,61,49; Three: 23 times (2 TC winners); Two: 24 times (3 TC winners); One: 31 times (7 TC winners); None: 10, 06, 83, 82, 34, 33, 32, 29, 22.

Trend by decade:

2010-Pres:  14

2000-2009: 18

1990-1999: 29

1980-1989: 23

1970-1979: 30

1960-1969: 27

1950-1959: 20

1940-1949: 18

1930-1939: 09

1920-1929: 15

1918-1919: 02

Three leg runners that won the Belmont (I'll only go back 30 years to save space)

2016-2017: None

2015: American Pharoah (MRP)

2006-2014: None

2005: Afleet Alex (MRP)

2002-2004: None

2001: Point Given (MRP)

1999-2000: None

1998: Victory Gallop (MRP)

1997: None

1996: Editor's Note (MRP)

1995: Thunder Gulch (MRP)

1994: Tabasco Cat (SC)....there's always hope.

1992-1993: None

1991: Hansel (MRP)

1990: None

1989: Easy Goer (RAN)

Give you a look at active sire lines and those barely hanging on with number of runners and last year that line participated.

MRP-27(2017); RAN-9(2001); API-5(2016); BR-13(1988); SC-3(2011); ND-15(2013); NAS-10(2011); T2-16(1999); QUES-2(2011); RIB-8(1996); PRIN-4(1979); SD-4(1996); INT-0

Maybe double or triple that bonus if the runner is a non-MRP.


From: princeofdoc


One forgets that during horse-racing's hey-day, gambling was far less available.  Very few, if any lotteries, no internet, Vegas the only legal betting city....and thoroughbreds were celebrated, the Sport of Kings, no less.

With gambling a click away, as well as countless Indian reservations, AC/Philadelphia/Delaware, poker everywhere, and lottos in virtually every state, horse-racing is less unique....especially for a thrill.  Officefootball pools have fantasy leagues in every sport.  And everything is quicker than horse-racing!  Add to that traffic in every major city with a known track makes getting there problematic. 

I remember going to either Santa Anita or Hollywood Park just for the late exacta race.....where one got in free.  Not just getting there would take over an hour from anywhere!

It's a different world.  There are no Frank Sinatras singing about Lady Luck....