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First Enlightened Derby/Oaks Trails list   Triple Crown

Started 6/27/17 by radiocblue; 213 views.

From: radiocblue


This list is based on the idea of matching every 'minor' and 'major' track with a representative race that would normally fit on either Trail, balancing the playing field from being too dependent on certain tracks and locales.  The ultimate success story could be attributed to Mine That Bird (go see "50 to 1") for coming out of racing at Sunland Park.  The Trail rewards 3YOs and Graded events, with less points for 2YO and ungraded events. In each case, a track's best race, one per each, is on this list. I make the one exception for the Breeders Cup for the 2YOs.   I also create geographic divisions between tracks whose best races are Graded, and 'minor' divisions for those who don't lead out with Graded.  Top 4 in each of the 4 geo areas, and top 4 of the minors make the list. I break ties based on class, then purse, then distance.  I use these tiebreakers to add more horses in the event of a horse qualifying in more than 1 division.  

All info is per's stakes calendar.