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Songbird @ Delaware Pk Saturday 15th   Handicapping

Started 7/9/17 by DogsUp; 533 views.

From: DogsUp


In her 2nd race of her 4 yr old season she is pointed to run in the G1 mile and a quarter $750K @ Delaware Pk ~ Delaware H'cap this coming Sat. This her 14th race. Only beaten once in BC 9 furlongs by a nose as only then 3 yr old in race. "Fity cent" horizontal bets make it very attractive for the sideways bets. At Spa last yr as the meat between a pk 3 sandwich; the return was nearly $1,000 for the pk3 which is a minimum $1 there. (d)

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From: DogsUp


Regarding the above post the pick 3 was nearly $2,000 for Two $. Above $1,000 was for $1 ticket.

Looking at Delaware's feature day Saturday 15th. Picks are $50 Cents.

Delaware runs today, Thursday, dark Friday.

Rain on Friday.

In anticipation for Satuday  -


A race on Thursday is 2 two and one half miles for modest claimers of assorted backgrounds but not long ball runners save a hurdler, and this race's fractions should be viewed along with other grass races this day.  For Saturday's feature turf race in Pk 3s and 4s.

There is also just one turf race on Saturday before making Pk 3 and Pk 4 and that is a Maiden 3 and  Up. This race will give indicators of the rain on Friday (with no racing that date) and used for mile and an eighth calculations for 3 year old boys at mile and an eighth.

Purse sizes In other legs do not have extra free squares due to size of purses, runners' class level and jockey hit wo/men not coming in for one day large score of 10 %  of winner's 60% of purse. (d)

(d) enjoy the trip ~ Life's and Racing

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From: DogsUp


Regarding Saturday's Songbird in horizontal bet--

Looking at Delaware's Thursday races (9 races) $8.00 highest payoff, math for next card cannot sustain (and prior 3 days as well)          Chalkville.           (no racing Friday)

 Pick 4 seems better than a Pk 3  as 8th race will be a factor of 3xs no matter who wins.  Out-of-towner jockey on 3rd M/L choice Mike Smith could make it a true math factor of 3 (if Win) on #2  ~ Lunaire 3 yo colt finding himself a liking to turf and Mike rode him in last @ Belmont. Favorite/Frostmoure #6 has Rosario for Joel's first time riding colt. and Tyler Gaffalone here from Gulfstram to beat Songbird on a mount in the big race gets Master Plan in a $200K purse (what? nobody wanted to come in for $12,000 jockey share from the NYRA jockey colony?)  So it's 2,5,6  8th RACE

(9th RACE Song Bird #5

7th Race     Six on the Dirt 1,2,6,8 fav is 7 ~ #2  second X Blinkers

#8 Very High % trainer

Race Six mile 1/16 Dirt assorted low $purse won for mid July accounting 1,2,4,7,8 

So  PK Four starting with race 6

R 6   1,2,3,7,8 add #4

R7    all

R 8      2,,5,6        

R 9         5

$45 for fity cents .50 cents 

(d).     Cover bet is race 7 all / 4/ 2,5 50cents pk 3

Fields were too small and nearly even $ return when fav won 3rd leg.

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