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Pletcher & The $10K Place Parlay @SAR -- based on his ML's less than 3-1 on Dirt   Handicapping

Started 8/24/17 by nowyouknow; 194 views.

From: nowyouknow


If you knew where to look Pletcher's Morning Lines less than 3-1 on Dirt at Saratoga gave a nice Place parlay for August!!!

I wish I had seen it from it's very early stages but I caught it at the half way point and it was quite a run!!!

Since August 3rd at Saratoga if you parlayed Pletcher's horses to place, that were less than 3-1 in the Morning Line running on the Dirt, an initial $2 parlay wager to place would have grown to $10,000+

I did the calculations based on singles on August 10th and August 23rd of the highest paying place price I skipped the payouts in yellow.

As much as I get on Pletcher it is quite an accomplishment that his Morning Line Favorites for the most part finished no worse than second 19 times in a row and 20 of the last 21 have hit the board!!!

It was quite a run and now we are back to the reality he has this today on the Dirt with a Morning Line less than 3-1

2nd race
#5 La Contessa

Let's see if he can pick up where he left off yesterday and start a new win/place streak!!!

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From: nowyouknow


Well #5 La Contessa let us down and didn't even hit the board so now the show streak has been snapped at 21 in a row!!!

All good streaks unfortunately must come to an end let's see what Pletcher does for the remainder of the season at Saratoga!!!

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