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Kentucky Derby 2018 ~ DogsUp ~ Delta    Triple Crown

Started 11/11/17 by DogsUp; 39462 views.
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From: DogsUp


AverY Island has his same connections running Delta runner in Gotham -- Enticed.

Joe Bravo is jockey for Avery Island.

Jockey:  Jr Albarado
Trainer: Kiaran  McG.
Owner:  Goldolphin  LLC

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From: fivestaryak


It would be something should Enticed and/or Bolt Doro make a derby gate.  Good luck to both!

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From: DogsUp


Enticed winning the Big A Gotham is as of today 2nd point Derby leader with 63 pts; #1 is Bolt D Or with one pt more@ 64. Still knocking @ the door Avery Island is at 15th with 3 other colts. (d). 2017 Derby Points and in the Derby gate ended with last in at 20-something pts.

Exacta Wheel: $2 paid $231.00

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From: princeofdoc


Good win with Enticed, Dogs!  However, though he'll get in the gate, he doesn't impress as a Kentucky Derby winner, at least not to me.  We'll see how he does in the Wood, but he seems like a middle of the pack grinder to me, and not one to threaten the best of this class.


From: DogsUp


About Delta runners

Delta colt(s) is not an early pick to win the Derby in Jan, Feb, Mar, April 2018.

Come May 5th (and with the potential of scratches, weather, post, and anecdotal information; only then does a ticket construction occur.

In general physics, Delta- is simply a change in velocity. The Greek uppercase letter delta is the standard mathematical symbol to represent change(s) in some quantity.

Accordingly they ( the Delta) runner or runners become on-going measurements. (d)

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From: DogsUp


Avery Island's next hoof-step on the Road to the Kentucky Derby. Grade 2 Louisiana Derby at Fair Grounds, March 24, 2018. 100–40–20–10 points, @ $1 million purse. He is a Delta colt.


From: Plus2lbs


Delta runner on the shelf..

"Done something to himself" said McLaughlin,  on Godolphin site.


From: DogsUp


Avery Isand came up lame after 5 fl work. If one has followed this thread; Enticed (both colts Godolphin colts)  becomes the Delta colt effective today or now for the time being.

The measurement colt.

Earlier it was mentioned that Goldolphin had purchased a few Derby hopefuls but good ones.  (d)

Also and Obviously N.OT under the radar at this time.

In the ensuing months one should find/seek out  the 30/1+ Delta runner for Derby tri/super wheels.

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From: Wintertrian


DogsUp said...

The measurement colt.

Counting on you to come up with another one!



From: DogsUp


Hello Winter ~ Measurement colts

As the ridiculous amount of snow fall ends in the next two weeks here in upstate NY and melts into Springtime; there's only April  and a week left to begin the evaluation of 20 colts who get to go forward to hum to themselves "My Old Kentucky Home" as they waddle out of the paddock area and onto the walkway and track. What A Pleasure. 

The look see and dig out of Delta and measurement colts becomes a labor of joy. That one runner besides the then consensus considered best. The "No Matter What"  colt.

Like Delta colt Looking At Lee last year. And in early January 2017. No less. Hopefully, I'll  Have Another.

Thus, to find and seek out 'that one'  being one of two dozens less four of the original 360  Early entered for Tri Crownskis. Perhaps a few more who see their way to more pricey K~D_Y nominations due to sudden points on their report cards via-maybe racing luck, later on scratches. Many-many have scratched even too late to supplement/move up an AE 

To be continued.

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