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Lexington sire/bms line   Pedigree/Breeding

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I took a look at my bottle of Lexington Bourbon and started thinking: are there any offspring around that traces back to Lexington as a sire or bms? I've gone through the major lines and don't see him anywhere besides being a bms in Domino's line.

I know the line is pretty ancient, does anyone know the last prominent horse that can trace back to his sire line?

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From: smartyslew


Lexington is from the Byerley turk line on both sides thru 

Sir Archy, Diomed, and Herod with the Herod/ Eclipse nick(BMS)

used up thru there Mares bred to the Darley arabian line, hardly any left

and Lexington was bred To many Glencoe (many say the best BMsire line) Mares.


See Leamington (GB) 1853 a Whalebone/Herod nick was bred to many of
Lexington Mares.producing many black type mares.

Lexington linebreeding:

SIR ARCHY 3S x 4D 2 2 (2) (0)
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From: fivestaryak


Closest/latest that would trace directly to Lexington...might want to pull up Tesoro 1961; he had a number of sons but not much in demand...not sure if you'll find anything past Best Song 1982.  

His last TC sire line runner was Amur 1901 D-4th; last bms line runner was Hephaistos 1922 P-8th.

Latest prominent runners, maybe Hindus 1900 P-1st, Manuel 1899 D-1st.

As far as Herod's top blood, there are still a couple Tourbillon's that show up across the pond.  Last one here was in 2001, Dr. Greenfield B-9th.  As for the BC Classic, last one was Arcangues 1993 1st.

Although not all are sire lines in Herod's blood, I did my stat breaks based on contributions, i.e., stats for Lexington, Glencoe, Dollar, Tourbillon, Atlantic, The Tetrarch, Ion and Gladiator.  

Have always been a big fan of quality Tourbillon blood.

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Thank you both for the info. Interesting that Tourbillon appears in the same spot on the damside in pedigrees of Barbaro, Smarty Jones, and American Pharoah.


From: fivestaryak


His line daughters show up often in some of the better ones in that spot (4th ds), i.e., Tonalist, Closing Argument, Lemon Drop Kid, AP Indy, Summer Squall, Quality Road, Mucho Macho Man, Harve De Grace, etc.  

Nyquist, Lookin At Lucky and Mine That Bird (5th ds) and most recently Arrogate (6th ds) without naming too many.

Most of his influences were through his sons Djebel, Ambiorix, Tornado, Coarze, Goya, Tourment and Timor.  Tourbillon by name up close showed up in three tc runners in Foolish Pleasure, Colonel Moran and Top Gallant.

Bunch of them had TOUR up close, i.e., Animal Kingdom, Proud Clarion, Casual Lies, Never Bend, Bold Reason, Damascus, Stupendous, Little Current Ruritania, Azeri, Hard Spun, Captain Steve, etc., etc....