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Formula 1 horse racing, really?   European Racing

Started 2/12/18 by TexSquared; 460 views.

From: TexSquared


Take a look and shake your head...

Really disappointed that the British would try to copy one of the dumbest ideas to come from our side of the pond (maybe even dumber than legal raceday meds)... remember this train wreck?

They even had CHEERLEADERS!!!

  • Edited February 12, 2018 10:34 pm  by  TexSquared
SameSteve G

From: SameSteve G


Hmm.  Something like this is an indication that racing in the UK is suffering from the same kind of aging out of their hardcore fan base & growing disinterest in the younger population that we see here & the BHA is open to getting on board with a "new" idea.

Trying to drum up neophytes.

I watched the promo vid & it's targeted to Millennials.

It clearly isn't "new" as you point out.   It's a gimmick & gimmicks tend to get recycled - sort of like what happens in the fashion world of clothes & accessories.


From: TexSquared


I guess from the perspective of a jaded, long time fan, I don't see how this will work in the UK given how it flopped so badly in the USA.  You can't turn horse racing into football (be it NFL or Premier League) nor is it auto racing. 

You can't turn back several hundred years of tradition (where the sport's survival relies so much on betting, more than any other sport). You can't turn back the clock and wish that in the 1700s Lord Derby and the boys decided to form a pro league of horses that compete as teams rather than put them on the track head-to-head and start betting on outcomes. But that's what these guys are trying to do.

If they want to throw good money after bad, hey, it's their money....


SameSteve G

From: SameSteve G


Good post.  I think you're getting down to the nitty gritty of it, Tex.   It's the square peg/round hole conundrum.

Horse racing, by its nature, is not a team sport.  The emotional component of team sports for fans is a strong identification with the team, usually by geography & family tradition.  Fanatics, hence the shortened form "fans".  The NFL.  People regularly get into fights over it.  Football (soccer) has people crashing bottles over one another's heads.  What do they call them?  Yeah, hooligans.  Even the rather sedate game of baseball engenders long time fan relationships with their teams & some rabid behavior.  How they expect to (artificially) manufacture that kind of loyalty in horse racing is beyond me.  It goes against a deep grain.

Then, as you point out, the gambling aspect appears to be wrong-headed for racing.  The most obvious flaw, what happens if a horse you like ain't on your team?