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Southwest Stakes-Oaklawn- 2-19-18   Triple Crown

Started 2/18/18 by Wintertrian; 494 views.

From: Wintertrian


it's been raining here, on and off, for 4 days straight.  Tomorrow will make 5 days.  More showers now til midnight (40%) and it's very foggy but warm.  30-40% chance of more rain and thunderstorms tomorrow (Monday). 

Pretty much every horse in this race is working good, and there's a heck of a lot of speed signed on.   Not the kind of conditions I would usually put good money on.  LOL

Van Dyke better break out his heavy mud gear from the attic over there in So. Cal.  :)    These OP jocks are used to riding in slop

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From: Wintertrian


looking for a lukas fake-out as he often has people looking at the wrong horse. 


From: stats33


I’ll be there tomorrow and I’m thinking with all these horses used to running on the lead in here, a closer or 2 could do the trick. 

Right now I’m zeroing in on Zing Zang for Asmussen. This one will definitely be passing horses down the stretch and we’ll see what kinda class he has. Maybe he’s not quite good enough but at 15/1 or more I’ll take a shot. Moisture in the track may only help this son of Tapit as well. 

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From: Wintertrian


AT the moment I think I'll take a shot with Combatant.

Will have to see when I get to the track, if I make it there today, but I'm sure gonna try.


From: princeofdoc


Combatant looked good gaining ground in the stretch today....I'm glad I have him at 150-1 in the futures, I think he'll continue to improve.

And it sure looked like the 1 position had an advantage in the mud today!


From: Wintertrian


They left the rail OPEN for the #1 to run thru.....guess none of the jockeys were paying attention.  Guess they had their hands full just trying to get their horses to run straight. 

My impressions in the paddock:  
Sporting Chance was like a teenager, I could see him in the barn playing with hay and balls, a real character, but seemed terribly immature.

Asmussen's horses looked the best to my eye, and several looked like beasts.  Zing Zang is huge and built like a tank, and tall.  Retirement Fund was really powerful looking as well.  On looks I figured one of the Asmussen horses would win this....I chose Combatant, who ran 2nd, because he seemed the most likely stalker behind all that speed.

Baffert's horse didn't even look like he could win this race.  Baffert didn't come.  Lukas was down in the saddling paddocks and so Asmussen was ever-present. 

Gotta hand it to Desormeaux, he and Drayden were riding yesterday all the way into the very last races at Santa Anita, then had to hop on a plane and ride in the mud here.  I didn't think either of them could pull that off, since the OP riders have been riding in this muddy mess quite a bit lately.  :)





From: chroses


If the rail hadn’t have been open there’s no way My Boy Jack wins the race