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RIP Hazel Park   General Discussions

Started 4/6/18 by TexSquared; 108 views.

From: TexSquared


Very sad, we lose another racetrack...

They were supposed to open for 2018 on May 4 (Kentucky Oaks day), so with less than a month to go, horses were moving in, shipments of feed and bedding were delivered, etc.  Suddenly "we're closed, y'all gotta leave..."

The second article tells you what was so wrong with Michigan ... imagine if California didn't have the betting handle to support its rich purses and especially its rich state-bred program.   You have a legislature well paid-off by the (usually Indian but not always) casino operators.    Eventually racing gets snuffed out. The writing was on the wall 20 years ago when casinos started opening all over MI (especially downtown Detroit) yet the tracks weren't even thrown a bone - no slots/VLTs/instant racing, no ADW, not even a cut of casino revenues.

(edited to add)

I fear this will be the fate of small tracks up my way -- Ajax Downs (quarter horses) and Fort Erie have been on borrowed time for several years, but I am not confident Woodbine is immune to this fate.  We have an election coming up here in Ontario in June and, hopefully without riling up some political rants here, let's just say the group in power needs to be tossed, If they are not, Ajax is done within 2 years and Fort Erie in 5.