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my Enlightened Derby and Oaks Trails   Triple Crown

Started 4/8/18 by radiocblue; 177 views.

From: radiocblue


My mythical version of the actual Trails are updated, with one big weekend to go. My post essentially agrees on 12 of the current top 20 for the Derby, and 6 of the current top 14 in the Oaks. 
It's been awhile since I've posted here about it, but the essence of my Trails is to give one track whose best race,( ranked by class, then purse, then distance) the most logical fit on the actual Trail proper representation.  Call it the Mine That Bird factor. Even if the points still add up to giving the biggest races for 3YOs the most weight (and it does), there's also the matter of mythical regions....races are separated by the general regions the tracks are located. For sake of brevity, I'm choosing to keep it to North American racing.  Japan and European countries do have a good mousetrap, but UAE is lacking, and there's precious little handicapping one can do from North America to figure out races from elsewhere. 
Full details are at   Thanks in advance for reading. 
I will post thoughts about the Derby Future Wager once my $ goes in on Sunday afternoon.