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What Family and Generation in Pedigree Chart ?   Pedigree/Breeding

Started 4/26/18 by runforest; 5129 views.

From: runforest


Sorry brotha !!! LOL !! No hard feelings ! 

  • Edited April 27, 2018 12:07 pm  by  runforest

From: smartyslew


I remember that guy as a wanna be turf scribe looking for

atta boys for his writing which i thought was good and by no means was he a pedigree capper.

Lot of what he wrote he read somewhere else and was passing it on

in his own words looking more for approval of his writing, than being right.

a talkin point.


From: smartyslew


remember when we were 20th century dinosaurs back in the day

with our cappin. for me it was on occasion i would say who was the sire.

in the 90's i would joke with my co workers that i was a man of the 

21st century not the 20th century.

i may have got that wrong , but it was my running joke for gp.


From: smartyslew


thank you crest, good luck to you.

Some of those trainers use the wrong wrenches

and/or try to win a lap and half race with a dragster volkswagen

to please their owners or enter in the wrong classification race.

Sometimes some of those parts fall off in days leading up to the race.

i'm counting on you to help me win all that money. lol


From: fivestaryak


lol is right.

the profiles, chefs and reines, i.e,  cover a big umbrella of class/distance.  My reference, which has served me well, is entirely classic...but I do track how they got there.  I can count ducks and fish in the boat, but that's about it.  I like lines and names rather than numerical qualifiers...but it all works until it doesn't.  The "P's" have it now.  

Does your stuff give Audible a coho's chance to make it upstream? 


From: smartyslew


i haven't looked at everyone yet... very doubtful with my data, maybe a piece

Dr Romans projections for his data say it could.

Do we still have the so called Damascus curse?

your how they got there has been a big help with your 5 generation

amazing breakdowns.

it helps me to understand more each year how you got to your info

for the big dance 5 generation breakdowns.


ps: I forgot where do i send my check to, thanks for sharing, lol


From: fivestaryak


As I said, I believe he'll be sucking wind and may need a ride back to the stall, but I can see him given his running style to get up for some of it.  If he was one of those to hook up on the front end early...he would be a candidate for the other end of the field.

If I were in the game to just win a check with my runners, I'd lean toward the Speightstown, City City and now Into Mischief types.  Into Mischief has been throwing some really nice stuff; I was pretty impressed with Practical Joke in a Classic environment.  

I do that for all the runners/noms to see which way the dam families are heading, i.e, bump+bump+bump or fixer+fixer+bump.

I don't mixed and match the olders but RAN did have three in the Classic in the 3rd ds spot.  Effinex twice, Henrythenavigator and Diamond Stripes was touched by SD in the 2nd ds spot.  


From: smartyslew


Into mischief is like checking fillies from hennessey

it must be Leslies Lady by tricky creek, maybe he passes the speed gene from Nearctic thru her. hows that for a theory!!!!!!!

his dam sides has all the good families and great sires, first time i looked 

outside of his cmp, Di, cd sire/ bms/.

princequillo and mahmoud up the middle, 2 1x up close in a pp.

another princequillo thru the 5th dam, lots of stam sires with 

these speedy mares, tom rolfe bred to a daughter of round table

love those bottom side families 1b, a4, 1x,

1.17 cd sure looks wrong to me.


From: fivestaryak


The bottom has thrown some curves with the numbers.  Vicars In Trouble was a SC/ICE/ICE/MRP (06) 5.00 1.17; Imawildandcrazyguy was a ICE/ND/SD/RIB (14) 6.00 1.07.  Sword Dancer(Damascus) three a couple good ones with a cd above 1.00, but Imawildandcrazyguy was the only xx/xx/SD/xx.

Even with Uncle Mo on top, I thought Outwork's numbers, given his bottom, might be skewed.  

Again, I can count ducks and fish r-e-e-l good.

Northern Dancer and close yet so far apart.


From: smartyslew


we have to check out and adjust to the Chefs pushed back into a pedigree

first chefs are 3 in the 4th generation dam side.

first 5 on the sire side are in the 5th generation.

When was the last Chef by Dr Roman. 

i think we will see more of this and beware.

Princequillo (IS) in the 5th generation is the only stam chef in the 

5 generations good to be on the Dam side for a PP up the middle.

no stam chef in 5  generation sire side is negative.

Down the road into mischief and storm cat could be chefs,

but that doesn't matter that much for your data.