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Trying to Learn Linebreeding Charts    Pedigree/Breeding

Started 5/15/18 by runforest; 828 views.

From: runforest


Anyone want to help me out with advice , appreciate it ... 

Below are my thoughts , so far .... 

More than likely there is nothing here but I will post it up anyway in case you guys too understand it a bit and find it interesting ... 

In the linebreeding of a pedigree ...

I focus in a few keys horses to have certain percentages which are key in previous first and 2nd place finishers in Preakness ... 

These are the horses and percentages for I'm looking for inside these charts 

Not many horses have Hyperion over 3 % ,but if you see I like it ... he's quality what I heard ...just learning guys 

1 ) Mr Prospector is a Key Horse to have in your pedigree for many of the previous Preakness 1st or 2nd place finishers 2010 - 2017 ... 

Look for Mr Prospector 8 % or higher in the AGR column 

2 ) Nearco ...preferably 6 % or Over 

3 ) Northern Dancer 8 % or More 

4 ) I really like seeing a horse with all 3 ( Mr Prospector / Nearco/ Northern Dancer ) of course with their preferred percentages ... 

Noticed 2011 winner Shackleford did not have of these horses in his chart and won beware , is all 


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From: runforest


Diamond King .... Using in 3rd and 4th Spots .... may use in 2nd spot as well in a few tickets ... really like his pedigree , but is he good enough to compete here ... way up in class ... 

Horse Inbreeding Stats Crosses Lines Blood% Influence AGR
MR PROSPECTOR 4S x 4d x 4D 3 3(2)(1) 18.75% 3x4 22.56%
RAISE A NATIVE 5S x 5S x 5D x 5D 4 (2) (0) 12.50%
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From: runforest


Tenfold ... exactly like Telekinesis above ...just does have the class ...but have to use in 3rd and 4th spots 

Horse Inbreeding Stats Crosses Lines Blood% Influence AGR
MR PROSPECTOR 3S x 5d x 6D 3 3(2)(1) 17.19% 4x4 19.22%
NORTHERN DANCER 5S x 8D x 6D x 6D x 5D 5 4(4)
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From: smartyslew


here is a linebreeding for justify to compare to other derby winners.

this is a 10 generation lb chart for justify males only.

check to see males and females for each Sire. for example Mr p has 4 only females, 20.31 blood,, 3x4 influence

Agr 21.91%. MR p is his top influcening. check to see where and who the 4 mares are. you will find 2 full sisters

yarn and preach , gives him the rasmussen factor, and Nijinsky is next in blood check where and who his 4 are 

3 males and 1 female this is a storm cat/Ghostzapper nick with top blood of another line Mr P

with 3 males and 3 females from Northern dancer source of both male nicks   .

you can do a 10 generation females only nick. good luck in your dd lb

Horse Inbreeding Stats Crosses Lines Blood% Influence AGR
MR PROSPECTOR 5s x 3s x 6d x 5d 4 4 (0) (4) 20.31%
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From: runforest


I appreciate all your effort in reaching out with an explanation of the chart but I still don't get it ... I will have to purchase a book on it that explains it on a second grade school level >.. lol ...bit dense bro .... sorry ... I know I would love to get a hold of your knowledge in capping pedigree's because I know it would help in the TC races ... Thank u again !! 




I like to look for brothers and sisters from the crosses on both sides.  ex.  4Sx4d which I think may be a good reason for that MrP/ND cross, one is Native Dancer sire of a S and Native Dancer sire of BM.  Also like the number of different siblings.  Hyperion often shows up with several different siblings.  It would be nice if it would highlight the ones for the theoretical bm passing. 

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From: smartyslew


you ever do a 10 generation linebreeding chart for All horses. I like to  because it lists all singles, not just dups

here is the blood and influence for each generation for american pharoah
1st gen 50% blood : dam has more influence 52.02 ,not by much over the sire pioneerof the nile.
pretty balanced.
2nd gen 25% blood top influence:empire maker 27.66 % from the sire side, next yankee gentleman 27.36
from the dam side 
3rd gen 12.50% blood: toussaud 15.87%,dam of empire maker thats  above the 12.50% by a nice margin
toussad a mare by el gran senor , nor dancer line
next storm cat 15.44%his grand bmsire from the nor dancer line,ecliptical 15.26% from his dam side
the important 2nd dams sire he's the son of exclusive native sire of 2 derby winners, castle eight 15.20 a mare on his sire side
2nd dam of pioneerof the nile, from bold ruler,that makes up the top half of the 8 from his 3rd generation.
next influence is even before the 4th generation blood of 6.25% sits bold ruler's influence with 7.03%
shows 4 sons in the 7s,5s,6d, 6d generation,
top influence in the 4th gen, el gran senor 10.26% agr well above the 6.25 blood,her native 9.84% 3rd dam of  
sire pioneerof the nile, mom of castle eight.  thats the idea to finish the rest of the 4th generation
the 5th generation blood is 3.13% dominated by northern dancer5x5 with 6.25%blood same amount of blood found
in the 4th generation, with nor dan on each side of the pedigree.
american pharoah a son of pioneer of the nile a son of empire maker a mr p line sire who is dominated by his dam side
by nor dancer, bold ruler and intentionally(non phalaris) to form the strong mr p/storm cat nick,when potn was bred to
storm cat line bms from nor dancer, with the bold ruler and nasrullah sire dams bred to produce storm cat by
secretariats daughter,, bms yankee gentlemans dam,2ds eplictal dam,mr p's dam by nashua,empires maker 3rd dam,
pion nile 2nd dam, bms 3rd dam, another good runner  with a pedigree by mr p line dominated by northern dancer
and bold ruler, with top female families scatered in the pedigree in good positions.
10 gen :linebreeding males : bold ruler  blood 7.03%,inf 5x5 agr  8.76, nor dancer blood 6.25% 5x5, agr 9.06,
native dancer 5.86 %blood, nasrullah 5.86 . 
10 gen linebreeding females well balanced and biggest number is Selene 3.52% blood:
 24 crosses, 3 lines(Hyperion, sickle, Pharamond) influence 6x6.
Nogara :2.25% blood:10 crosses, 2 lines ( nearco,niccolo d.)
the closest up female is aspidistra 7x7 1.56 % blood ( DR fager, Magic)
this is the foundation for Am Pharoah.
up close in the first 7 generations use the influence nicks, sires, dams that are single(only 1 line)etc.
some of them are listed  above in the breakdown of the first 5 generations for a guide.
I like using the 10 generation linebreeding because it lists the singles or all horses .
linebreeding closer up shows only males and females with 2 lines or more.
 this is a highlight from a 10 generation linebreeding pedigree chart.