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Preakness weekend pics   Triple Crown

Started 5/18/18 by TexSquared; 639 views.
SameSteve G

From: SameSteve G


Excellent photos & when aren't they so?  :)

Nice to see Irish War Cry back in the winner's circle after wiring the field in The Pimlico Special at the Preakness distance.  irish War Cry & One Liner ran 1,2 all around the track.  Untrapped 3rd.

Rather formful, I'd say.  The weak betting fav, Something Awesome didn't appear right.

Makes me want to sit out The Preakness because Justify/Good Magic seems awfully logical in the handicapping sense of it.  Or, one could use their imagination & try to beat them.

Good luck to all who decide to try.  I'll meet ya at The Belmont. 


From: smartyslew


right on about the photos.

iwc race and one other race i watched.

Not to take anything away from irish, was it a inside bias track yesterday?

SameSteve G

From: SameSteve G


All I did was take a quick look through yesterday's charts so I really can't say.  I don't want to mislead.

All I can say is that the charts gave the impression (except for R13) that around two turns you wanted to be on or near the lead.  

Irish left from Post 1 & was helped by saving ground.  Plus, he may have simply been best yesterday.

Nothing has come off the pace through 4 races today.




Loved One Liner last year until he went off the TC Trail(Still don't really know why). I think he will still become a really nice horse if he's 100%.

SameSteve G

From: SameSteve G


I can remember that about you & One Liner.  It's good to see him at the races.  Heck, it's good to see any of them racing beyond their 3rd year with the major tilt towards early accomplishment & the lure of money in breeding.




I was surprised they shipped right back to CD on Sunday.  Also noticed that they laid down some mulch over the gravel around the barn.  Not too surprised at that, probably more so surprised it was gravel to begin.  I never have liked the look of the backside barns at CD. Cheap, trashy looking.  Keeneland has got it beat both paddock area and barns.  I also thought they should do some upgrading to those at CD, but they only care about seats it seems.  I somewhat expect CD to change their paddock soon especially seeing how they modified the entrance in that area.  CD, the paddock area is not bad, but pedestrian areas nearby , bricks are uneven, always been that way since I have gone there.