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Belmont Stks DogsUp Delta Details   Triple Crown

Started 5/21/18 by DogsUpBigE; 13984 views.
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From: DogsUpBigE


Baker's Dozen field could go to eleven with:

Winstar having ownerships in Justify and Audible. 

My Boy Jack perhaps skips Carnations Run/ Bel Stks and runs in 1.5 mil grass @ Bel. July then sites to Travers.


From: TexSquared


The common ownerships issue is covered here:

 Justify and Audible have the identical consortium so Audible should be out.  However, consider that there is no big bonus for winning a Triple Crown (other than that triangular bowl trophy). Owners are all about money and Grade 1 wins for their stallions.   They leave Audible in and he upsets Justify, then they have 2 stallions they can pump up next season.  Justify as your undefeated Derby/Preakness winner, Audible as your Belmont winner "who beat the once-undefeated Justify".  Patting yourself on the back....

The fans might be crying but the owners will be laughing all the way to the bank if the exacta comes up Audible over Justify.


From: DogsUpBigE


Spot on!  And a precedent of only running one; not a good idea.


From: GamblingMel


But wouldn't a Triple Crown winning horse command way more in stud fees -- taking the long range view -- than a Triple Crown almost-winning horse?      

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From: DogsUpBigE


Good Magic 

Johnny Vee rode this one in his Florida Derby. Pletcher. Win.

Pletcher / JV have First Call to owner Mike Repole.

Derby = above Vino. Trio Repole to Belmont.  Can only win if it is possible to herd a large field for 12 panels.

Jose Ortiz gets call from Todd to Good Magic.

Jose rode two jewels.

Great jock but race distance precludes win for Moon who has to be out front and tired his Preak.And

Jock not as experienced at the distance as well.

SameSteve G

From: SameSteve G


Hey man, I fed your message (#7) into my Doggie Decoder ring that came as a free gift when I purchased my DogsUp Bobble-head & all it said was " go to the magic 8 Ball".



From: Oldbettowin


I called Miss Clio and all she said was "Giacomo"!


From: zambito


True is all about the Benjamins... But run or not the only thing that Audible can beat Justified is to a shower in the stables. He hasn't even got a workout in since the derby. It must have taken a toll on him. 


From: DogsUp


Hofberg 'used to be the Derby contestant that was the people's/ peeps underdog runner who would run up into the Ky  Derby

Tri or super and one would be vindicated in their PP assesments, perhaps all, in their shared belief.

And IMO ....Colt will not comport to distance nor be relegated by jockey who rides and  knows Big Sandy the best.


From: DogsUp


Free.... Wednesday only ,.......decoder ring special.

All sides, salads and pastas today cannot be substituted for message 7.

,.......,      ,................

Vino owner Mike Repole dictated to Pletcher and Pletch to Jockey  Johnny Vee ....that he wanted first call 

in Dby (Pletch had 4 runners) ; and Belmont.  

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