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Meet the Milers   Handicapping

Started 5/28/18 by Plus2lbs; 6196 views.

From: Plus2lbs


Let's pick up where we left off,

Woodbine Mile..

Back with #8 Divisidero 11/1..

Ran to the odds..

Congrats to the winner, fine comeback.

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From: Plus2lbs


Shadwell Mile

Full, competitive field..who will jump up and take this prestigious GR.1.

Many in here I have spoken of this year..a few winners, more also rans. Nice to see them coming together to see who is the best of the best ...who's turn is it today?

One I have liked early is my choice to get the prize..Next Shares.

ML 15/1..I think is going to float up in this field of better known runners..Ran against m/l favourite Heart To Heart out West and had a bit of bother in the lane, still ran with aplomb and came up short. After a minor freshening, came back and won impressive 3rd of the layoff and looks to my eyes to be full of confidence heading into this race. The step up in class is justified.

New jockey Tyler Gaffalione knows how to get to the wire first and I have faith in his abilities for sure.

Although this is probably the toughest mile contest in N.A. this year, me thinks, and quite a few could win, I wouldnt be surprised if Next Shares jumps up and comes flying late the get the honors.

Good luck to those playing.

SameSteve G

From: SameSteve G


Mr. Misunderstood was borderline at 12/1 for me (post 12 is tough) but now that he's drifted up to 19-1, I will bet him across the board.  He has found the winner's circle 10 out of 14 on the turf.  Plus for consistency, plus for running style & I forgive the flat effort at KD in his last.  Might be a good tightener, though.  

You're #1 has drifted, as you predicted, up to 24/1.  I hope one of us hits.  

SameSteve G

From: SameSteve G


Excellent selection, Plus.   :)


From: Plus2lbs


Many thanks Steve..

What a day..and what a ride by Tyler Gaffalione..rode the horse with confidence..perfect trip. Like I said in May at the start of this thread..

"Nice horse that Next Shares".

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SameSteve G

From: SameSteve G


Credit where credit is due, man.

It's a really good feeling to stick with a horse who you know has quality & have it pay off.  Sweet.




Watched a few mile races, top ones on my list right now are Lightning Spear and Catapult


From: Plus2lbs


BC pre-entries are like...whoa.

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From: smartyslew


BC Dirt Mile

i haven't done the last 3 years recap, but nearctic lines mostly thru northern dancer wins most
bc races with 2 or more lines within 5 generations. most mile winners have many lines . 

  • all 2014 bc winners

    nearctic lines in the pedigree(the speed gene they discovered in nearctic, 3 yrs ago)

    hootenanny- 4 lines,(bms,grsire-d,s-d,5th dam

    goldencents-6 lines (horse,sire-d,bms-d,bms-2d,s-bms-d,s-3rd-d,

    lady eli--4 lines(gs-d,s-d,s-2d,2nd-d)

    untapable-2 lines(gs-3d,s-2d,

    take charge brandi-3 lines(horse,2nd-d,3rd dam sires-d,

    dayatthespa---1 line(gs-2d

    judy the beauty-P/NP- 1 line(horse

    bobbys kitten--4 lines(horse,bms,3rd-d,s-2nd-ds-d,

    texas red--3 lines(bmsire,gs-dam,gs4thdam

    main sequence--4 lines(bms,s-2dam,2dam,4dam,

    work all week--2 lines(gsire-2d,2nd dam,

    karakontie--2 lines(horse,3rd dam

    bayern--2 lines(horse,bms-dam

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From: Plus2lbs


Like Whoa..

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