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Meet the Milers   Handicapping

Started 5/28/18 by Plus2lbs; 12041 views.
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From: smartyslew


BC Dirt Mile

i haven't done the last 3 years recap, but nearctic lines mostly thru northern dancer wins most
bc races with 2 or more lines within 5 generations. most mile winners have many lines . 

  • all 2014 bc winners

    nearctic lines in the pedigree(the speed gene they discovered in nearctic, 3 yrs ago)

    hootenanny- 4 lines,(bms,grsire-d,s-d,5th dam

    goldencents-6 lines (horse,sire-d,bms-d,bms-2d,s-bms-d,s-3rd-d,

    lady eli--4 lines(gs-d,s-d,s-2d,2nd-d)

    untapable-2 lines(gs-3d,s-2d,

    take charge brandi-3 lines(horse,2nd-d,3rd dam sires-d,

    dayatthespa---1 line(gs-2d

    judy the beauty-P/NP- 1 line(horse

    bobbys kitten--4 lines(horse,bms,3rd-d,s-2nd-ds-d,

    texas red--3 lines(bmsire,gs-dam,gs4thdam

    main sequence--4 lines(bms,s-2dam,2dam,4dam,

    work all week--2 lines(gsire-2d,2nd dam,

    karakontie--2 lines(horse,3rd dam

    bayern--2 lines(horse,bms-dam

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From: Plus2lbs


Like Whoa..

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From: smartyslew


every year the BC dirt mile winner has at least one line of Ran or Nearctic sire
line in the Sire or BMS line position.

history says one of those two positions should have at least one line of Ran or Nearctic line.




Are there any of those that exist anymore?  At least that show in in the top races.  Kind of like horses tracing to large heart.


on my previous mention of Lightning Spear, he  and a handful of others ran this last weekend.  I don't like running that soon, he did not run well there, over the top? taking a swing shipping over seas? ground was not condusive to deep closing?,  Horse is being retired after this, kind of seems like a just take a shot.   I think I heard Nick Luck mentioned he likes a cut in the ground, but I don't see that in his PPs.  He is 7, only one other 7yo won.

I see a rating I have not seen before "gf"  is that good fast?  where does it fall in the other ratings, I assume it is firmer that good.

I am seeming to be leaning toward a number of the 0fer trainers horses in some races, except the one in the dirt mile.   I might be hoping to buck a lot of trends


From: Gerh


I think gf means good to firm


From: TexSquared


Gerh is right.  "gf" is good-to-firm, "gs" is good-to-soft (what is called yielding in some places including North America), "hy" is heavy.  

Years ago you'd see "dd" which means "dead" in Australia, equivalent to "yielding"/"good-to-soft" everywhere else, but Australia did away with their old system and follows suit with Europe now.

There's also "st" which means standard and "sl" for slow, and are only used for all-weather surfaces like Polytrack/Tapeta/etc. (North American synth tracks are almost always rated "fast")

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From: Wintertrian


Count on tex to know all the "ins-and-outs of different race tracks,surfaces, etc.  He's walked on a few  LOL

Hey tex, are there any track that you or Cindy have not ever been to in the U.S.?  

What overseas tracks have you been to?



From: TexSquared


Oh, we have NOT been to all of them, not even close.  To make it easy, if it's hosted a Breeders' Cup we've been there (except Hollywood - Cindy has been there, not me).  All 3 Triple Crown tracks we've been there.  So that knocks down most of the majors.  Of the ones that aren't in the above 2 clubs, add in Saratoga, Aqueduct, Fair Grounds, Fort Erie, Finger Lakes, Turfway...  Cindy has been to many more - she's been to more of the Louisiana tracks (Evangeline and Delta I believe) plus Calder (now called GP West), Hialeah, Laurel, Timonium, River Downs...  and we've seen Kentucky Downs but not during live racing.

Overseas... We both went to Longchamp for the 2000 Arc (note to Zambito - they rebuilt the place, all new grandstand and I believe new grass too), she's been to Happy Valley and Sha Tin in Hong Kong (3 times each),  as well as Garrison Savannah in Barbados, while I've been to Meydan in Dubai (once).  Vanessa got to see both the old Nad al Sheba as well as the current Meydan.

I shouldn't count it but the shuttle bus to Longchamp drives by Auteuil (steeplechase course) so you could say we saw the place, just didn't go in.

High on my bucket list would be Cheltenham, Epsom, or Ascot in England, and maybe Royal Randwick in Sydney, Australia (as much as we'd like to see a Melbourne Cup it coincides with BC so that would be almost impossible). That crazy steeplechase in the Czech Republic must be fun to watch in person too!

**edited to add Barbados to Cindy's list!

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From: Plus2lbs


Aintree Grand National..

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From: TexSquared


Grand National would be awesome but if I wanted to see jump racing I'd rather go to the Cheltenham Festival, which is more like a Breeders' Cup (while the National is more like the Kentucky Derby).   Definitely want to go to Epsom to see the original Derby too!