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Mid-April top 20   Triple Crown

Started Apr-13 by Oldbettowin; 11243 views.
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From: Wintertrian


Edited May 1st: Left w/ 7 horses I am using in differently constructed exactas and trifectas only.

-Sainthood  (4/16 CDX on dirt worked 5F in 100:40)  
-Essential Quality
-Like The King - hunch horse
-Helium (sharp 5F work at CDX 4/10) (4/16 CDX 5F  101:80) 
-Highly Motivated (add if playing superfecta)
-Known Agenda  (4/16 CDX on dirt worked 5F in 100:40) 
-Soup & Sandwich (if he gains some weight!)
-Rombauer  scratched
-Hot Rod Charlie (Oxbow is good luck for me)
-Mandaloun (need to do more research on him)
-Medina Spirit 
-Rock Your World
-Panadol (if he comes)  scratched
-Obesos (if he gets in) (4/5 CD 4f ft :49)



From: Oldbettowin


Weyburn and Proxy out: moves the smoocher up to #23.


From: smartyslew


What was the best prep ?

What was the Worst Prep ?"

who was The Biggest disappointment ?

Any Body Run like Ghostzapper's coming out race ?

Did you see a Bellamy Road trip. ?

Which race was the most competitive,

Who Ran 12's ?

Which race had the Best splits ?

Who keeps coming at the End.

Who was geared down and no whip used.? Is that possible.

Best Gallop out. 

Best E, Best ,EP,  Best S, Best P, 

Bad trip, Jockey miscues.

Did you see another Lookin at Lee, remember that year almost everybody had him in their super and Tri.

Who has the best feed  Sadler, Baffert, Druggo, Asmussen, TAP, How come every year they have about

67 % of the field. Who you going to cap from this group. Is it Sadlers Turn ? At least Dutrow was more honest !!!!

None of these guys Have the best pedigree for the Derby IMO. this year. 

they have won 7 of the last 11 Derbys.


From: Oldbettowin


Who has the best feed  Sadler, Baffert, Druggo, Asmussen, TAP,

I’m always real suspicious when a horse suddenly has a coming out party.  Sadler’s record at Churchill is another reason I’m not real big on the Rock.  He has to leave the special feed in California.  


From: Plus2lbs


Money Mike..

Odds chop in half..

  • Edited April 14, 2021 9:26 pm  by  Plus2lbs

From: smartyslew


you said :

Sadler’s record at Churchill is another reason I’m not real big on the Rock

Both Tap and Drugo  have a history of a Med change and Have a big Improvement  like they did this year.

they add B, b , f, Lasix, Bf bf,etc  to a horse  for a race, most of the time  they will have great improved works

and some talking heads will notice these work improvements WOW that one looks ready. Their numbers jump way up.

Most today forget druggo use to lead the world in  getting caught and serving suspensions. 

Check the jump when their horse's numbers went way up after a med change. Like back when TAP didn't have a horse

for this year. next thing you know he has 4 . year in and year out.

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From: Wintertrian


It won't matter though until the whole industry changes, and that includes a change in philosophy:  I mean, does this not make sense?:   

" [Hong Kong Jockey Club] philosophical resistance to Lasix lies in the belief that they should not 'pharmacologically adapt the horse to the demands of the industry,' rather, they should adapt the demands of the industry to the limitations of the horse."

Stone Farm founder Arthur Hancock: “It would be like it used to be,” he said. “The only time the veterinarian came around the barn was if a horse got sick, or had a temperature."



From: Oldbettowin


Oh I’m not saying it’s just Sadler by any stretch of the imagination.


From: Wintertrian


None of us can handicap drugs.  That's why people feel forced to put horses on ticket because of the "baffert factor", they don't run to their numbers (either does Sadler's as we saw with Authentic) 

So as good as we are at this stuff, there will always be that stumbling block.