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Road To Victory   Handicapping

Started 6/10/18 by RAESFAN; 307 views.
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We may see Road To Voctory in the Mother Goose. It is somewhat bothersome that the fillies get so little attention unless they take on the boys. Monomoy Girl is a very good filly, deserving of great praise. Maybe what she needs is a rivalry with another outstanding filly to get the attention she deserves. Hopefully, we will get a rematch of these two in the Mother Goose. I advise you all to go back and watch their battle at Churchill Downs in the Golden Rod. It was one of the best juvy races of last year, when they ran the 8.5f distance a full second faster than Enticed. I am anxious to see them knock heads again. Casse said he didn't tighten the screws for her debut race. Well she better be ready if she meets MG! I personally think Road To Victory has the makings of a truly gifted runner that has barely scratched the surface of her talent.