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Does it feel like a Triple Crown?   Triple Crown

Started 6/10/18 by Oldbettowin; 6875 views.

From: DogsUp


I want to come back as a compendium of race results that have not run yet.

But, if in heaven, everybody has a compendium, everybody wins, But, Everything pays $2.10. 

SameSteve G

From: SameSteve G


Dogs, $2.10 compounded for eternity over & over is good!  Plus, dynamite free buffet & cigar room.


From: smartyslew


sounds like a earthling bridge jumper!!!!!! lol

SameSteve G

From: SameSteve G


Haha!  Yes.  The fortunate ones who don't have to jump.  The unfortunate jumpers land in The Losers Lounge (where it's awfully HOT)  & they are consigned to stand on very long line for a teller. When they finally reach the window, a fiend laughs & says, you're shut out, loser!

Then your pick wins & pays boxcars.  Over & over & over.  Ad Infinitum.


From: Oldbettowin


Wow.  That would be hell.  Especially if every time you got in line there was someone in front of you that took 20 minutes (another lifetime local time) to place a $2 show bet then proceeded to count out dimes to pay for it.  Then of course as you step forward (finally!) the bell rings.  Every time.  

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From: DogsUp


They've got the Belmont Blues...if the colt wins or lose

Whether or not the winner ran out of his 3 yr old shoes

They 've got the blues, baby, baby, the Belmont blues

Undefeated. Apollo too. what more, come on! give me some real clues

Yes oh yes definitely ...that's the Belmont Blues

The colt looked great. And surely could rate

But why oh way can't you just say the horse is great

Blues Baby..yeah it's the Belmont Blues

Now heading for New Jersey, Monomouth near the shore

Come on everybody let's all get to see some more

It'll cure the blues,  yeah, those Belmont Blues

It's definitely a problem accepting this  newest rascal

Let's see what this guy's got.. going into the Haskell

Blues if you win, or blues if you lose... there's no doubt about

The colt took the crowns...And made the headlines news baby. So baby...

Just don't blow a fuse

  • Edited June 11, 2018 8:04 pm  by  DogsUp
SameSteve G

From: SameSteve G


The only thing worse would be if while the eternal replay goes on, we were treated to an endless loop of Dogs singing The Belmont Blues but just slightly flat.  :)

SameSteve G

From: SameSteve G


The CEO in heaven doesn't approve of cigar smoking so the cigars are $2.10...


From: Wintertrian


RAESFAN said...

If I were going to be reincarnated I would consider it a punishment now to come back as a racehorse. 

Rather unique way to make your point, and it works! Never thought of it that way. When I was a newbie to the sport, I though stallions had quite the life, but after reading about Alydar...I'll pass!

Big Brown ended up with some nasty humans didn't he. 

When I worked for the wildlife rehabber (grad from Cornell Ornithology)  and met so many different animals besides domesticated and/or companion animals, I started giving this a lot of thought, so guess that is why I decided I did not want to come back as a racehorse, simply because I've seen too much.

I think I would choose to be some kind of raptor.    I did an educational program holding on to a white Peregrine Falcon.  Very unusual to have an "albino" one.    I was always afraid he would get off his chain (they go about 35 to 65 mph) and there goes like $20K and the falconer guy would kill me.  LOL  The best time of year was when Walmart would call us in and we would bring all the hawks and they would fly around those high industrial ceilings and rafters to hunt all the stray birds that got in there.   There are always quite a lot who get stuck in the store, up there in the very high ceilings, there really isn't any way to get them back out!   My health was not good at the time and I missed my opportunity to become a falconer.  You pretty much have to know one, and apprentice under one, in order to be one.  

I still have puncture scars on my forearm where the owl got me.  They are absolutely deadly talons and I was using welding gloves and did not attach arm extensions.... glove slipped down a tad and he landed too high then walked up a bit..argh.