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Does it feel like a Triple Crown?   Triple Crown

Started 6/10/18 by Oldbettowin; 6610 views.

From: Wintertrian


RAESFAN said...

If I were going to be reincarnated I would consider it a punishment now to come back as a racehorse. 

Rather unique way to make your point, and it works! Never thought of it that way. When I was a newbie to the sport, I though stallions had quite the life, but after reading about Alydar...I'll pass!

Big Brown ended up with some nasty humans didn't he. 

When I worked for the wildlife rehabber (grad from Cornell Ornithology)  and met so many different animals besides domesticated and/or companion animals, I started giving this a lot of thought, so guess that is why I decided I did not want to come back as a racehorse, simply because I've seen too much.

I think I would choose to be some kind of raptor.    I did an educational program holding on to a white Peregrine Falcon.  Very unusual to have an "albino" one.    I was always afraid he would get off his chain (they go about 35 to 65 mph) and there goes like $20K and the falconer guy would kill me.  LOL  The best time of year was when Walmart would call us in and we would bring all the hawks and they would fly around those high industrial ceilings and rafters to hunt all the stray birds that got in there.   There are always quite a lot who get stuck in the store, up there in the very high ceilings, there really isn't any way to get them back out!   My health was not good at the time and I missed my opportunity to become a falconer.  You pretty much have to know one, and apprentice under one, in order to be one.  

I still have puncture scars on my forearm where the owl got me.  They are absolutely deadly talons and I was using welding gloves and did not attach arm extensions.... glove slipped down a tad and he landed too high then walked up a bit..argh. 


From: DogsUp


Having breakfast out and glad there are not customers around cause I'm laughing and smiling ear to ear.

Great one, oO' great one.And

Made my day!

What's worse is that as a jazz drummer, no instrumental accompanying my singing. Everybody opting to go to He!! Instead.


From: DogsUp


God smokes a double maduro Rothschild size. When I talk to Him each day, he provides guidance,acceptance and forgiveness.   And winners!

SameSteve G

From: SameSteve G


I liked it; especially the clever rhyme of rascal & Haskell.

I lay a 12 bar I-IV-V down & give you a co-write for the lyrics.  :)


From: DogsUp


Yes as a musician, you would be able to hear the breaks, and phrasing

Meanwhile, Justify is out there graising

Somehow now it's all amazing

Behave yourself or they'll give you a tazing

And now the last line of lines

Let's all hope this is just a one time phasing


From: Oldbettowin


I should have listened.

The Dogs and the cat knew it

The Hulk and the Gronk.


From: DogsUp


So let's end the feeling that's got all  and~ some down

Light up a stogie and slug down some Crown

There's really no reason to sulk and to frown

Justify got it, a legitimate Triple Crown

Wasn't a near maybe,  like, 0-8's Big Brown's

And the 1st contest is the same at good old Churchill Downs

So why, cry, despair and compare in cities and towns 

There is no reason, substance or grounds

DogsUp is ready to send out the hounds

To the Haskell, now, people,  Justify abounds

Go to the Shore and Dog's tickets he pounds

Return to windows ah, leaving with mound$

Enjoyed spending some time here..but..

I've run out of nouns

Wait LMAO...I'll hear from some clowns

  • Edited June 12, 2018 2:15 pm  by  DogsUp



I always had a thing for falcons growing up. I love speed and athleticism. My favorite mammal is the cheetah, and my favorite bird is the falcon. Wouldn't want to work with either, though. Just like horses, I prefer to be an observer.




$2.10 compounded for eternity over & over is good!

I heard everything was free, so doesn't really matter! :-)

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O'Brien has stated in the oversees media, that he plans to race Mendelssohn in the July 7 Dwyer Stakes at Belmont Park, in the Sept. 22 Pennsylvania Derby at Parx Racing, and in the Breeders’ Cup Classic, should all go well.