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Code of Honor    Pedigree/Breeding

Started 4/24/19 by Ticketman; 5193 views.

From: Ticketman


u too my friend ... 

Working on all entries of derby from 1980 for that Code of Honor angle ...thx for the help ...


From: ShaddyisBack


Plus, so many out of Europe on the top. Blush Groom way back on the bottom. Looks like a breeding you would see in the year 2001. This group is slower than years past, he could be Animal Kingdom, or just come in 3rd or 4th. 

Cant see him winning as the best of this years horses is still a little better. I dont see anyone this year that could finish top 3 past few years, maybe even further back.

Or speed numbers are just lower.

Who is Magnum Moon this year ?

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From: Ticketman


Went through the last 39 years of entries .... Good luck in the race gents ... 


From: Wintertrian


So how many horses in 39 years ended up having that dosage index of less than 1.00?  


From: zowcownow


A 46.80 blowout workout.  Lots of good things to like.   Even ran a bullet in the slop at Keeneland.   Connections have won - jockey has won.  Got a cool name.  Only one horse can win and this guy might be the one.   Super Saver, Orb, Mine that bird -- deep closers do win.  


From: Ticketman


Good luck my friend !



I am begrudgingly going to include Code of Honor in most of my tris and supers. I don't know why I soured him in the first place, as he would've been my BC Juv pick had he ran. Maybe it's Mt. Livermore on the bottom, but there's plenty above to show that he should relish classic distances.


From: Oldbettowin


I’ll give you Orb and MTB but Super Saver was a stalker, not a closer and never farther back than about 5th or 6th.


From: Wintertrian


Ticketman said...

Not many

Then it's not a large enough sample size (for me) to have real relevancy. 

At any rate, I guess that's why his odds are higher.  He's one of those some people are willing to take a risk on. 

Over 1/2 of the horses in the field have zero ky derby winners in their female family.....ever........but plenty of people will be betting on them, and many are chalk.  Others don't have conduit mares that are type to win Derby.   Those would be the ones I personally would not take a risk on.  ;)  

BUt everyone caps differently, and in this kind of field, I wouldn't even begin to criticize anybody's picks.   Their methods, maybe, but not their picks.  

So good luck to ya, TM.