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Started 4/30/19 by zambito; 2234 views.
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From: smartyslew


I make typos like that all day long with my vision clear, that was a good one, ROTFLMAOWCG

with or without the blinkers.


From: Wintertrian

4/30/19 said...

WWW may only have to worry about Spinoff sideswiping him, but if he walks out of the gate, it might not matter.

W3 does his running in the stretch.  MTB didn't need to be anywhere when he made his run.....he was going to fly by anyone in front of him at the end there.   Not saying W3 is MTB, just that when you have a closer with a kick and if they have stamina and some sprint speed to begin with
(Zenyatta had AMAZING sprint speed, that was obvious to anyone who watched her early races at 6F, 6.5F, etc.)  so she was able to just "turn that on" and motor by anybody she wanted to when Mike pushed the button.

I guess I have a deep ingrained love for closers, even though they are not great for certain kinds of races.  

Long stretch runs, you can have a grinder who just outlasts everyone else moving along at same sustained pace, or you can have a stamina horse with some natural "sprinting ability".



I'd say 6 legit contenders broke from post 17 since 2000: 19: 0-1-0-1-1


Irish War Cry

Mor Spirit

Mr. Z

Commanding Curve (2nd)

Will Take Charge

Done Talking



Summer Bird

Cowboy Cal


Lawyer Ron

Don't Get Mad (4th)

Pollard's Vision



Point Given (favorite-5th)

Exchange Rate (#13, Post 17)


From: zambito


Damn... I was all over Mor Spirit that year. Also wasn't a big fan of Point Given but he was a beast. 




Baffert sure has had his share in that post.  Dan Dan the bluegrass man scratched KD morning and did not run.  That was the infamous War Emblem year.  When I saw he scratched, I thought something was up and did not react.   Some wondered if they did it to reduce the chance of one more runner, every little bit helps.   I thought IWC was one of those who crashed those inside him, might be wrong about that.

Edit, actually, I think American Pharoah starting from the 17 post position due to a scratch.   So that is another BB and a winner starting in post 17, or do we only count the number on his back.

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From: Wintertrian


SameSteve G said...

At least there should be very little doubt who is going to be making the early pace.  Hopefully, nobody gets hurt.

that nobody gets hurt is of utmost importance.  Derby makes me nervous. 

Baffert will set up a rabbit for WoW to mess him up I think.