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Joevia & Tax questions   Triple Crown

Started 6/5/19 by Wintertrian; 502 views.
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From: Wintertrian


Gerh said...

I am more than a little suspicious about the whole Tax situation.Initially Gargan said the work was good but not great(“not like before”).Then he said that Tax suffered a minor bruise after the workout.How does this alter his feelings about the workout?

This is the problem, Gerh, which is why I'm only "finishing out the season" with the Belmont, then I will not be following US racing anymore until I see some transparency and changes.   There is so much conjecture going on, all the time, because the U.S. bettor is totally left in the dark when it comes to actual honest INFORMATION about horses they are spending their hard earned $$ on.    The entire internet is lit up with WoW's "stringhalt" diseases, Master Fencer stumbling, and now Tax'es foot bruise and his trainer's less-than-candid responses to anything asked about his horse. 

I'm DONE after this.  I will play Hong Kong from now on where I am not left wondering if a horse is going to practically keel over like Life at Ten in the breeeders cup not to mention about 1000 others I can talk about.   

I don't know if these horses have lived on 10+ *therapeutic drugs* for the last 6 months, and at most, I can get the vet reports for like the last 2 weeks if I'm lucky.   I don't know what horses have bad reactions to the many meds they are given, I don't even know what horses have bad reactions to Lasix or what that does to them in terms of metabolism, electrolytes, etc. or why horses are breaking down at SA. 

I aleady wen thru this with Big Brown in his Belmont and yet I stupidly kept folowing the TC races and betting on them.  

You just get to a point..........I will follow individual horses on their twitter accounts, breeding, wonderful photos by Tex and Cindy's team adn Barbara Livingstons arty photos, just because I love TB horses, but the who shebang is just getting too zoo-like for me to continue with the wagering betting side. 

So sad when not only is horse racing not getting many new fans, but fans of 20+ years who are DEVOTED to the sport are being chased away. :( 

ANd, yes, I miss steve roman's Performance Figures greatly, they were a huge part of my TC knowledge. 

sorry for the *outburst* but I think I've reached that point.  I just want to know very BASIC THINGS about 10 horses in a race and I can't even GET A STRAIGHT ANSWER from any one.

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Following the Wood, I thought Tax was best suited for the Belmont. Not sure if Gargan is playing games like Servis did with Maximum Security, but I just don't have any other strong opinion on the race.

Casse said during the post Draw that having a horse relax is one of the biggest keys to the Belmont. Is Gaffalione going to strangle War of Will like he did in the first two legs? His best chance is to sit right off Joevia and let his class show.

Kind of torn on a second key horse (Spinoff or Intrepid Heart).