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Randy Romero (Ragin' Cajun) has passed   General Discussions

Started 8/30/19 by Wintertrian; 362 views.

From: Wintertrian


You have to wonder why a person would be heaped with so much tragedy.....he was 25 years old and sitting in a sweat box in the jockey room at Oaklawn (the old kind with light bulbs) and one of the light bulbs broke and exploded the entire box and he was on fire. )  He spend many months in burn units undergoing excruitating pain, the kind where morhpiine doesn't even touch the pain..........and at the time was already missing his spleen from a riding accident, which is critical to cleanse your body....accident that also did damage to his kidneys and liver.   
Then when he was given blood transfusions the blood was tainted with hepatitis C, so he had to battle that for the rest of his life.  + 18 years of dialysis. 

And yet, he fought thru all that, fought for his life, and went on to continue to ride ---when he "recuperated" by giving one of the best and most historical rides in history on Personal Ensign in the breeders cup.  and was the regular rider for Go For Wand when she fell and had to be euthanized and he sustained even more injuries and broken bones when she fell. 

Then stomach cancer.  

Some people seem to pay SO DEARLY for their success. (while others skate by with so little personal cost).   

I hope there is a heaven and this guy gets a wonderful rest in a beautiful place, cuz he surely deserves it.   What an incredibly brave and courageous man this was!   I am in awe of persons like this.  

I think about this when people unleash truly unkind words about a ride a jockey gave, while sometimes deserved, it is best to not get too ugly about it, you know?



From: zowcownow


Thanks for sharing this story.  Something I did not know.   Good post!!!


From: DogsUp


Randy.  RIP..I cried my eyes out watching a great man