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Justify failed drug test in SA derby   General Discussions

Started 9/11/19 by beachwood; 2336 views.

From: ChiefsCrown


Had Justify been DQ'd from the Santa Anita Derby w/0pts he would've had to run in the Arkansas Derby the next weekend to qualify for the big dance.  A DQ to Justify would have got Catholic Boy in the KD.

Just my opinion but horse racing is in need of a governing body with a commissioner.


From: Gerh


Justify is rushed off to the breeding shed.Meanwhile,Hartnell is preparing to make his 30th GRADE 1 appearance in Flemington.This is the horse that the public should be embracing

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From: Wintertrian


I will also never read Bloodhorse again.   they waited til the last minute to even mention this as a story, and the article they published is all mostly quotes from Baffert, Baffert's attorney, and Rick Arthur (the very person who is medical director of the CHRB) LOL  

I hope to god Ruiz starts a lawsuit.  I hope catholic boy's connections, and everyone from that race, and everyone kept out of it due to justify taking up a spot.........and I will CERTAINLY get involved in any Go Fund Me to help these people w/their legal fees.  :)  


Also keep in mind, Lance Armstrong was stripped of his titles. Ben Johnson was stripped of his medals. 

THAT is what needs to happen here. 

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From: Wintertrian


Gerh said...

Hartnell is preparing to make his 30th GRADE 1 appearance in Flemington

And best of luck to him, too!

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From: Wintertrian


I truly hope Ruiz and others pursue legal action because in a court of law, evidence is investigated and the press releases from former CHRB boys club and people who Baffert trained horses for, won't be acceptable.  :)  

I want to see a full investigation from independents on ALL of this.   All of it. 

And I would be glad to start a Go Fund Me page for Ruiz or anyone else, too. 

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From: Wintertrian


Because, if Ruiz or nobody else brings a lawsuit, we will just be snowballed with press releases from the very insiders and good ol ' boys who protect baffert and have had their horses trained by him.  

In a court of law, evidence is provided and investigated.  Press releases aren't evidence.  

Even the hay provider will have to be deposed.    

KEEP THE PRESSURE ON so this doesn't go away. From what i understand, the chrb violated the Brown Act.....the AG needs to get involved.  Call and write the AG and support reporters to stay on this .   I

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From: Wintertrian


I have pharmacological information.  
I can post it later.  The amount of contamination that justify tested at was 3x the threshold.  The amount of plant matter he would have had to injest to reach those levels (because there are studies as to what actually constitutes "environmental contamination in feed") would be enormous.   

So enormous that it would have required any medical director or board to put out an immediate and  widespread notice to every barn at the track, that's how severe the contamination would have to have been.    


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From: Wintertrian


I'm not going to comment further.   I decided that most of the people writing about this are either trying to protect their interests and/or are not scientists or experts in the field of testing, or independent attorneys, etc.

Instead of being seen as a vehicle of change, i.e. a chance to bring more transparency and thus save our sport, most commentary is biased and has a lot more to do with people loving/hating either the NYTimes, Baffert, Stronach, California, CHRB, and any number of other trainers/places/publications, etc.

I've even seen it reepresented as a democrat/republican/liberals/conservatives spin.:)  

Until something happens, like a lawsuit, where actual evidence can be presented and experts testify, absolutely nothing will happen.  (except more *spin*). 

One of the questions has been did the whistleblower do this to save racing, or further hurt it?   My feeling is they did it to save racing.

Unfortunately, instead of being a come-to-jesus moment where genuine and real improvements can be shaped and implemented, racing will just do it's usual "nothing to see here" and continue to issue press releases with misleading stuff in them.  And most racing fans in the US don't want to give up their gambling habit so it's not a hill they want to die on......when racing goes away it will just sizzle out little by little like an un-cared for plant.  

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