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Kentucky Derby 2020 DogsUp Diary   Triple Crown - HRN Horse-Races.Net

Started 2/3/20 by DogsUp; 58048 views.
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From: DogsUp


Maxfield May 10 bested 42 AMers 59ish from gate...Breezing no less at Keenland. Takes the honors still even unraced at 3 as Delta Derby colt.

Connections perhaps have two shots at Derby point races before September Derby. Of note once again, this is the comparison colt for measurement against all runners and point results. Not the All In colt at this time. And that's my style to date.

As epidemic conditions improve. Double Down. Wear two masks. (d)

Hoofnote: Normally this colt who has won 2 for 2 in the US would have shipped out overseas by Godolphin and shipped back late and quarantined. They finally got the recipe right.

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From: ChiefsCrown


Good analogy on the face mask issue....shadowrolls!!! Love it!

Stay safe Dogs, we need your expertise on the derby in September!


From: DogsUp


My best to you.

I wonder how many people will tell a story about how they got closed out at the window due to 6 foot distance rule. And had The big payoff..The waiting time is compounded..

just say in.

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From: DogsUp


Churchill says it will run without fans

Not so good cause there's lots of also rans

Won't be sitting there workin on our tan

Way out in September and there still is a ban

Peeps usually watching it anyway..sitting on their cans

Won't see live horses the likes of Wise Dan

Won't be the same just a flash in the pan

But it's the day everybodys' a fan

And as usual the TV gets it poorly on the pan

Yet it wouldn't be a Derby if they ran it in Jan.


From: ChiefsCrown


Early bird gets the window!

He who hesitates, loses!....Just sayin' also.

In the decades i've been playing horses at OTB, never to this day understood how guys have to wait till the ponies enter the gate to place a bet? Like something earth shaking happens from post parade to gate? (w/the exception of Shacklefords excessive sweating or Quality Roads antics loading in the BC Classic)


From: DogsUp


I want to use that 'early bird gets the window' innuendo.

One Derby Day at the finish just about everyone in the smoking room shouted they had the Super no less. One day shooters. The free hand out program had the Super listed dead nuts in order of finish to the 4th place.


From: DogsUp


Last year I said on the thread below and somehow..Disqualification...the Odds were there


Gary and Mary West have never won a Derby and have a possible 3 for Kentucky Derby.

Servis said this week he really did not know what he had in Max Security when tagging him 16k first race.

As racing is an occurrence and last six consecutive Derby winners were M/L and final Win betting. ~ Using 80/20 rule and the ten trips to a gambling event (10 and house is ahead)... Dog barks not this year.


From: ChiefsCrown


Closest i got to a super for a derby bet was in 2010. Had the top 3, Super Saver, Ice Box and Paddy O'Prado boxed, should have played a trifecta but no of course not, had to get greedy a played a super with.......Jackson Bend. We all know how he placed...12th i believe. Couldn't even tell you who rounded out the super that year.


From: DogsUp


I lost 2010 nowhere near it.

Lost 2011 who thought Animal Kingdom from grass to Derby then some more.

Lost 2012..Needed Kent to get 2nd was 3rd.

2012 - 2018 got em.

2019 had a win ticket if my runner was put up to 3rd..went up to 4th 

Husker (Birdman506)

From: Husker (Birdman506)


DogsUp said:

2011 who thought Animal Kingdom from grass to Derby then some more.

In our weekly weekend contest at that time using fun$$, I had $90 to win on Animal Kingdom for a tidy $1,971 return.  Timtamphilo was the only other who cashed on him with a $4 win ticket that returned $87.60.