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Kentucky Derby 2020 DogsUp Diary   Triple Crown

Started 2/3/20 by DogsUp; 39907 views.
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From: DogsUp


I must have not ate enough Purina dog chow and said Derby connections would avoid each other until Sept. Derby.

Tiz the Law's Upstate owners are looking at this one, Belmont Stakes "Unplugged" as good as The Derby. 

And I'm quite excited that my Delta colt in thread here.. numero uno, 1st thread is an early odds long perhaps 25 to 30.

Tizzy most likely favorito say 5/2.

 Eight 8 starters on earnings in graded stakes at a mile or longer. (not points)

 Five 5 then runners of non-restricted stakes earnings. Any. distance. Calvin Borail need not apply. Hinders NY state-breds.

Race max out 16 gates.

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From: DogsUp




.Feb 3

Dogs first #1 comment starting this thread. But just one mistake. Kelly Bréen is the Monmouth based trainer that wears fedora style hats.

Connections of Maxfield will wait some time before deciding what race is next for the colt. Actually some trainers have not formally players.

Tiz the Law is a Rock Hard Ten all in. 

...............the thread

Delta horse now:Maxfield. 2 for 2. Ran last to first in the duo. Breeding is who's who for me IMHO. Jockey Jose Ortiz extremely suited for this caboose runner who picks up the pieces by sweeping the early pack after field makes it appear they left this colt in the dust. From the gate no less. Godolphin bred + owned. Brendan Walsh trainer with a wardrobe of awesome fedoras + suits. A 4 way connection +

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From: DogsUp


Holy moly! Baffert 'accused at Winter's track Oaklawn and big money won in multiple races that day. ROTF..And we already know her take on Mr. B.

Sparks will be flying from Lady Winter.

I dug a little on the Ortiz (on Maxfield) waving his hand in the head/eye area of another runner. Closing to the line.

Maxfield shied from whipping. A weak maybe Ortiz extended his arm to roust Max's vision. But the other runner had cup blinker and it seemed crunchy. I do like watching it. 

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From: Gerh


Must be the jimsonweed again


From: smartyslew


yeah laced with hydroxychloroquine.


From: Gerh


Supposedly tested positive for lidocaine.


From: DogsUp


Actually the runners

were not wearing their shadow roll protective masks and not obeying 6 ft apart rule.


From: Gerh


Never good to see a horse racing with a nerve blocker.I don’t know how this could be deemed safe,in fact,it seems totally reckless