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Kentucky Derby 2020 DogsUp Diary   Triple Crown - HRN Horse-Races.Net

Started 2/3/20 by DogsUp; 60077 views.

From: DogsUp


You wouldn't be lieing if you said you took tickets back to the window.

I was outside doing  a cigar when the horse flipped and the whole thing escaped me.

On Sunday someone mentioned it.

Had $40 plus in scratch returns.

Broke the guy's hand 

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From: Wintertrian


ART Collector running in the Preakness Oct 3 for sure.  (not a race I ever play anymore, but never interested me that much)

3 horses ran further than the KY Derby winner (acccounting for ground loss)  Trakkus:



From: ChiefsCrown


Same here Prince....My wife had Honor, Tiz and Authentic for the tri box, totally overlooked Big News! Took half my bets back on 1000 Words in scratch tix. Yeah, 8 months will fly by quickly unless the Chinese virus hangs.


From: ChiefsCrown


Dogs, congrats on your call on Tiz....I'll never doubt the guru of the dirt oval again!!!....LOL

Had $65 in scratch tix on 1000 Words. Guess i would have overplayed my hand a little on him!

Should be an interesting BC Classic.


From: DogsUp


The factor that I have brought up in the Diaries over the years is that somehow...when Johnny Vee picks-up a mount due to changing regular rider circumstances...he's now won his 2nd Derby like that replacing Smith + Prat. His first Derby win was replacing Robby A. aboard Animal Kingdom. And as the default jockey/replacement in the 2012 G1 Met mile Johnny Vee replaced reg jock who had broke his hand. Won wiring field.

Perhaps there is some mathematical geometrc trajectory  that the even near the spacial start from gate 17 area to the first turn causes..something?

E=MC2  EQUINES=20 Mounts @ Churchill squared. Maybe minus 17.

I don't do voo doo... and as Sinatra sings..You do the voo doo that you do so well.

I like a full Kentucky Derby field of 20. A full maduro.Real beer. No light mayonnaise, decaf coffee.

Lacked jazzy. Didn't swing. No top. Middle. Bottom.

First time for everything.

Hoofnote: It seems that after a number of my posts, the next post has been deleted. Send me an email. Really wonder what was said that gets deleted.

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From: DogsUp


I can't tell you the number of times I spent an hour+ emparting my fact checked info to my recall..and the stewards took me down. Deleted message. Guess when I finish up down the stretch Used too much wip. So I abbreviate like use Lookin at Lee underneath and wheel.please.

And rarely get into the underbelly of racing. I did come to the defense of John Veitch, Steward at Churchill who was vindicated and restored whole. Steve Assmusen as well in the undercover episode. And my heartfelt prayers for his assistant who committed suicide over the ordeal.

Social media has a terrible censoring affect on the written word. And the spoken word will always be more powerful.


From: Plus2lbs


Nailed it..again

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From: DogsUp


"Add that Dogs sees a predictable zig zig in TTLaw's runway landings...could be money race."  

Above is my quote in my Diary....Tiz the Law would zig zag in the stretch... said above as "the runway landing"...Watch him now in the 2020 Derby positioned to run straight down the lane...And. at 1:42  in the NBC YouTube video TTL did just that 'zig zag move' and it cost him the race. Further elsewhere Dogs noted that when there was full crowd noise the colt would recover from floating out and erratic head jerks. Tiz actually brushes winner Authentic.


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From: DogsUp


Post 183

Admittedly Tiz the Law has run to to his Derby favoritism to date. He is the 3 yo that appears like the proverbial Hollywood casted colt with a future Derby and TC Destiny.

He really looks the part with his striking color and markings. Walking around the barn, when taking his rider up, post parade, down the stretch, crossing the line. First. Winner's Circle. He looks like a fresh, muscular stick out of the crop colt.

With two major defections in the unplugged Belmont Stks distance another Hollywood theme comes onto the table.

A nobody colt runs a first allowance race, on a Thursday afternoon.. And nears the track record for 8.5 panels.

Add that Dogs sees a predictable zig zig in TTLaw's runway landings...could be money race.