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Kentucky Derby 2020 DogsUp Diary   Triple Crown

Started 2/3/20 by DogsUp; 52832 views.

From: DogsUp


Q: Curious and uniformed am I.  If tracks remain open but do not allow spectators, doesn't revenue from bettors and other track-offered items (concessions, etc.) suffer immeasurably?

×Purse monies are generated for the most part via Casino revenues.

× Yes attendance generates income beyond including hotel and casino at many tracks. Attendance at many tracks beyond weekends has been lacking for years. Like NY..Big A, Belmont low, Saratoga resort area..booming..

×Track handle/bets taken at the track do not require a commission as in taking simulcast. 

How can they continue to run?  Is there enough off-track revenue to justify remaining open and running?

Simo with the advent of computer/cell phone betting is now substantial.  

The Derby especially gets ton of off track action.

On March 14 a PR release from Ch Downs was still a cautiously optimistic Go. March 15, people like Bob Baffert say there is talk among Derby connections to move to latter date.

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Husker (Birdman506)

From: Husker (Birdman506)


Thanks, DogsUp.  I knew you would have the answers.


From: twoshots


DogsUp said:

How can they continue to run?  Is there enough off-track revenue to justify remaining open and running? Simo with the advent of computer/cell phone betting is now substantial.  

I've been watching races the past weekend on cable TV, and wondered the same thing myself. The payouts are posted just as usual after each race, and seem normal enough that there is a substantial amount of money in the pools. But where is it coming from, if all the tracks, casinos, and presumably OTBs are getting closed down? I guess there is a lot of phone betting going on.


From: Gerh


Hey Dogs.Growing up in Ireland , we always left whiskey and plum pudding for Santa.I guess he was trying to sober up by the time he hit the US,so the milk might help.


From: DogsUp


Maybe Derby runs late, but NYRA runs the Belmont Stakes at sister track Saratoga which would already be running their dates. Churchill would run a five day card into Derby.

Preakness perhaps share the spoils with a track running their dates two weeks after Derby make up date.

Belmont Stakes would have the exception of not run on 2 turn mile + half course.


From: DogsUp


The prices are 'same in that even if a pool is lower than usual or higher...the divisor(s) used to pay the betting pattern based on odds. Simplified if 100 players bet the same way with their $100 as $1,000 the pay prices would be the same for both. The great divisor. 

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From: DogsUp


Like it. The whiskey poured gets to prove with a shot of Holiday cheer that Santa visited and downed some heart warmer whiskey.When the children wake up in the morning in Ireland they witness Santa drank the whiskey. 

Santa's here in the US are portrayed as Department store Santas that are habitual drinkers.


From: Wintertrian


ChiefsCrown said...

Huge hit financially if its an empty venue.

whales, computer wagering teams (CWTs) and fans the world over bet into the pools via computers. 

Ditto every other track.......that's why tracks are so empty now (except Oaklawn and a few others)

Horses don't need a live audience to race in races.  

Oaklawn has closed their casino temporarily, but is still running races w/out spectators.  Yes, track loses concessions and stufff like $2 parking and their many restaurants (3 in the casino + 4 bars in the casino) and about 5 concessions and 3-4 restaurants on the racing side.  

But the more I think about this, if horses are still racing, and earning purses, then the backside workers and trainers and vets still get paid...reality is that even with no racing horses require 24/7 care.........humans will not die if they can't eat out in restuarants or go to horse races. 

So I am not totally unhappy about keep them racing without spectators.  Somebody has to feed these animals and care for them 


From: Wintertrian


DogsUp said...

I actually leave sugar cubes on my racing form the night before*; like leaving cookies and cocoa for Santa.

I absolutely love this.  :)