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Kentucky Derby 2020 DogsUp Diary   Triple Crown - HRN Horse-Races.Net

Started 2/3/20 by DogsUp; 59797 views.
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From: DogsUp


Always like to view Derby poster...2 yellow silks with number 4. Even if the silk in the back of the field is unrecognizable as14, say one can't see the "1" on the silk.. would not be this color/number combination. There is also a third yellow color silk running in outside front of the field.

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From: DogsUp


A Dog's View of another at present contender:Tiz The Law. Is there such a thing as Voo Doo horse racing?  Can it happen? Again? This colt owned by meager risk money owners Sakatoga Stable, who won their very first two legs of the Trip Crown/Kentucky Derby/Preakness with Funny Cide (both of these colts New Yorkers) and trained by Tagg.

Before my answer, I dare say that when I had to weigh what's the chances of jockey Mario Gutierrez winning his 1st and 2nd consecutive mounts in  Kentucky Derbys and with same connections...I'll Have Another and Nyquist "the feel" was yes.

Based primarily on the colt. Nyquist.

 This time around I don't think,if in, and when they play 'My Old Kentucky Loam' that colt TTL can get the distance nor manage the compression of 19 others. He appears also that he will comport to the field in the stretch. Connections had to geld Funny Cide for reasons and perhaps sure wish they could be now enjoying breeding residuals. Their new star,if he rises to the May occasion, will run intact. And that's a fact. These Upstate New York residents from SAKetts Harbor already blessed with another one are deserving, but the feel for how Tee Tee L already ran on the Derby track. I don't think so Jack. 

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From: Gerh


I don’t know if Franco’s ride on Tiz The Law was very good or very bad.He seemed to put the colt in a pocket when there was no need to.I am sure it was a learning experience but he can’t afford to take chances like that in a 20 horse field.

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From: DogsUp


Tee Tee L 'appears' not to have the knock out punch needed after say a mile sixteenth + ticks. As a colt, regardless of jockey last trip or how that race shook out.  But, got to admit, Sakatoga Stables picked up Funny Cide for 75K + Tee Tee L for 110K; not too shabby. A worker bee group of friends who pooled their money, went to the Derby from the hotel in a rented school bus as the underdogs. Now, still punching their way in the Derby dream while American Pharoah owner galloping in cash depletion.

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From: Gerh


Agree Dogs.He was able to swing around horses in the Holy Bull.I’m not sure he has enough in the tank to pull this off in the Derby

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From: Gerh


Thank you for posting that link Dogs.That looks like some good weekend viewing.

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From: DogsUp



Colt has 5× Derby winning trainer Baff Man. Notice the seat Van Dyke has in combination with his colt. If maintained in the Derby could account for 3 seconds saved as jockey's contribution. More??And shortening final time. Colt's stretch run says Mr. Bob should roll out ear plugs and shades in the next due to the erratic stretch run. Perhaps crowd held up hand made signs reading:'Free Hay". Horse galloped out.

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