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Kentucky Derby 2020 DogsUp Diary   Triple Crown - HRN Horse-Races.Net

Started 2/3/20 by DogsUp; 54425 views.
Husker (Birdman506)

From: Husker (Birdman506)


I chalked it off as a typo.  Predictive spelling sucks, eh?


From: DogsUp


In earlier years I used a laptop with big keys. Now I peck on my cell "phobe..tiny keys.

Urge everyone to mask up. Kinda like our shadow roll mask

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From: DogsUp


  The Road to the 146th Kentucky Derby has posted a Detour to September as all know due to the draconian disease world wide. I just happened to have had the TV on this weekend and the station was showing a live NASCAR race.

The point was the leader ran over a part of the track, the asphalt came loose, causing a gaping hole, and the loose portion struck the front of the car. Well it was in the middle of the race, so all drivers and cars got to stop and take a break. Drinks and sweat towels for drivers, not sure the rules about touching the cars. Guess it would be like leaving the saddle and weights on a horse race 

Point. The Derby delay in May can't be adjusted like this. I learned the leader would be restored to his lead spot. LOL if they could do this musical chairs in a racing hinder episode.

Seems to me now the tipping point race will be the July 18th (1 1/8 miles easy to remember) Haskell Invitational. It's a mil purse and a win and in Breeders Cup scholarship. There is great short odds that the race will be a go. They need to reopen the relatively new sports book.

Also a factor is on this flagship day Derby trainers may have others runners to ship for purses over gross 2 million. 

Example, Sagatoga Stable and Barclay Tagg did not run in the 2yo juvey with Tiz the Law in that Nov. Schooling for forward looking chances in the 2020 May Derby. I think we"ll see Tiz The Law conspicuously absent for example. Then sort out the field of up to 14 for their Derby chances.

Hoofnote: in the stretch, unless he is far up the track Derby Day 2020, Tiz the Law will have crowd issues. (d)

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From: DogsUp


2020 estimates ..Louisville, in September, during 8 rainfall days, typically, 3.1" (77.5mm) of precipitation is accumulated. Not an on the track figure.

The temperature Dogs' Delta is mid 70s. But could range 90ish to high 60s..Sixties temp on a clear day and souped up maintained track provide for winner owner speed finish glory. I always prefer a slug out Mother Nature's PPish H2O Kentucky Derby cattle run. Give me a round of jockey mud goggles 20 × 9 sets of jockey blinkers (nine).

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From: DogsUp


Going year 2019 Derby betting fav has won the Kentucky Derby the last six times. And that began 13 years after the fav lost on the first Saturday in May for 20 straight losses. And the favorite was DQed as you know last year, Maximum Security and Country House installed the winner.

Again my Delta antennas Up race will be the Haskell Invite 3 yo contingent vs a vs Derby prospects and the rest of the card 'not too shabby.

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From: DogsUp


As a further comment and connection to my premise that the July 18th Haskell is a key race..Churchill Dws has today awarded that race considerable Derby points.  You may want to browse what other races they have assigned as new point garners to earn the garnet-color winner's garland. 

The musical chairs Derby points assigned to new races may now have the Derb winning owner at Trophy presentation attributing that they found an unexpected path into the starting stall and the result is a win

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From: DogsUp


Maxfield May 10 bested 42 AMers 59ish from gate...Breezing no less at Keenland. Takes the honors still even unraced at 3 as Delta Derby colt.

Connections perhaps have two shots at Derby point races before September Derby. Of note once again, this is the comparison colt for measurement against all runners and point results. Not the All In colt at this time. And that's my style to date.

As epidemic conditions improve. Double Down. Wear two masks. (d)

Hoofnote: Normally this colt who has won 2 for 2 in the US would have shipped out overseas by Godolphin and shipped back late and quarantined. They finally got the recipe right.

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From: ChiefsCrown


Good analogy on the face mask issue....shadowrolls!!! Love it!

Stay safe Dogs, we need your expertise on the derby in September!


From: DogsUp


My best to you.

I wonder how many people will tell a story about how they got closed out at the window due to 6 foot distance rule. And had The big payoff..The waiting time is compounded..

just say in.

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