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Kentucky Derby 2021 DogsUp Diary   Triple Crown - HRN Horse-Races.Net

Started 2/28/21 by DogsUp; 74125 views.
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From: DogsUp


OBW said "They just need to do him (Baffert) like Napoleon, not King Harold."

Comment" comedy !!!.especially for my friend Steve Oh..

Well. First of all the art work is not the original. It is a copy. I magnified the brush stokes and did proportional dimension calculations. Also the time period of this picture shows the use of modern titanium white in it. The paint was not available back then. When I taught at the doctorate level art at the Sorbourn, Doc Dogs, one of my students said the art depicts race horses and the cheaters and stake holders fighting one another.

I have located this copy art picture here and its location using Google ID tools.

Last night I just finished building a DIY Nuclear Magnetic Resonance analytical machine. 

I will age test the art work.

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From: Oldbettowin


Hahahaha as long as no one gets interfected.

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From: Northof64


The more he cries, the more guilty he looks

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From: DogsUp


Baffert Medina Spirit Pee Sample to fly on Private Jet

Scroll down for article

Baffert is currently ruled off NYRA (Saratoga opens July 16), Kentucky, Arkansas.

The ointment by Merck is a treatment for ear infections due to bacteria or yeast. It is labeled for use in dogs, but veterinarians will frequently prescribe it for cats, horses, and other animals as well.

If the sample is shown to be from the ointment content of ingredients, and discovery of Vet prescription, legal proof of purchase; Baffert has the possibility to plead the dosage was not directly and intentionally administered. Still there is the knew or should have know complications.

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From: DogsUp


Baffert ran just 8 horses at the 2020 Saratoga meet. The legal challenge of his NYRA suspension in my scope is to mitigate the negative public media coverage before due process discovery of next toxicology findings and accordingly method of drug inducement.


From: TexSquared


Why only 8 horses, easy:   Last year NY had much stricter travel restrictions and to ship a horse in pretty much meant you sent the horse only and couldn't send your staff with him (so, no Jimmy, not his usual exercise riders, etc) and have to trust your horse to another trainer (and that trainer's vets, grooms, exercise riders) while there.   This year Saratoga will be on full operations including full attendance so of course Bob wants to get this defeated so he can send his horses there and snap up those huge purses, much more that what's offered in CA.

But no surprise Kentucky in its usual lenient way is going to find a way to make this disappear.  This is the state that enabled Alex Harthill, and it shows.


From: DogsUp


Great track backside backroom insight.

Comeuppance.... American Pharoah & Bob Baffert

In 2015 Baffert said he did not want to go to Saratoga over the insistence of the owner. And having won and heading out of the TC and Haskell; Baffert said the Saratoga oval was a trick track to add insult to injury. Perhaps he wanted an appearance fee. About $100K then.

And as known AP got beat convincingly.

That incident has probably stuck in the craw of Spa's peeps for quite some time. Comeuppance.

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From: DogsUp


RE: Tom Brady diary

Cox had two - 2 ! horses in the Derby.

His 2nd place finish in the Kky may just put the finishing touches if moved up.

Dogs said:

Brady moved his  *home and family to TAMPA Bay. Home games got up made the kids breakfast. Kissed his family good by. Drove his car to work like he did every day. Parked in his spot. The Bowl was at his home stadium. His parents and family had did the same drill to home games. Note.  This is just extra as to horse and connections.

Brad Cox lives in Louisville. Born there. He's probably going to sleep there and shave tomorrow while listening to his tunes. Feed the dog. Maybe put out the garbage outside.

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From: DogsUp


When you lose your head...your ass goes with it.

Bob Tales...

Major horse players are litigating Churchill (obviously have proof of losing tickets with 2nd place finisher). Yeah for compensation. And Baffert as well. Excused owner in law suit - he didn't 'knew or should have known.' Compensated trainer and paid entry for services.

Churchill also just lost case for digital historic horse racing slot machines under their domain. Millions payback. Wonder how they distribute the award? 'Baffling how a track and the Commonwealth of Kentucky could 'Go baby Go' approval of the historic racing gambling system, legally approved,  then pull up after the finish line. Nobody checked the checker.

Jockey Club will weigh in to the court on Baffert's suit against NYRA 2 yr suspension. Amicus.

Baffert should have fallen on his sword, bowed his head and worked his way to a finding of unintential, not deliberate administration. Then seek hearings with tracks, other stake holders say, for forgiveness. Arbitration, mediation. He didn't bow his head. Now they have to chop it off.

In all 50 states with racing, Official means pay winners. Immediately. Or by end of March of the following year, then that money is turned over to the State coffers. That's the game rules in State large print.

Horse racing is a cash game. And I don't mean Johnny.

Think the precedent case of Maximum Security DQ in a Derby, as well as other similar , will stifle the players' suit.

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From: DogsUp


Contaminated blood sample not refrigerated, lab utensils unkept may mitigate Baffert conundrum outcome.

Can't determine ointment was unintentionally administrated.

And, IMHO Churchill wants this outcome. 

Add 2 parts attorney for Baffert ala due process. Inconclusive.