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Bluegrass Stakes   Triple Crown

Started 3/31/21 by princeofdoc; 3376 views.

From: ChiefsCrown


Great to hear Dogs...You'll probably outlive most of us on this blog!! You going to post your Bluegrass and Wood picks tomorrow?

"Live long and prosper"

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From: smartyslew


Good Luck, This horse is scary, Team Valor moved him from Chad Brown to Pletcher after one race.

And he won his 1st race with Pletcher.

Anytime I see Fappiano and Pulpit in 5 generations its automatic for my watch list

no matter the Dosage or CMP . His DI of 7.80 is misleading. 

This is the Dams 3rd foal with a 3rd different nick , the other 2 were fillies

that might be broodmares.

SameSteve G

From: SameSteve G


I find it interesting at after a 36K maiden win at Tampa, the linemaker has Untreated 10/1.  So, there is an expectation that this one will take some money.  Team Valor/Pletcher/Rosario.  

There is no early pace to speak of in this race so this one may be sent from the 2 hole.

Team Valor is taking a shot with him.  If Rosario lolly gags, this one will not figure, IMO.

On paper,  the two logical colts should prevail.  Anyone betting has to use them and hope for an upsetter in any exotic bet, including a mere exacta.

I'm gonna watch.


From: smartyslew


They did leave him off the last futures pool.

bris gave him  a 99 late pace number with a time of 27 flat in a last Q and 40 yds.

speed number of 94 for the race 3rd best last race. Hidden stash 20-1 with a 93

in a g2 race in last @ 8.5f. 2nd place.

You are right !!


From: princeofdoc


I just re-watched his 2 races, and he looked like a completely different horse......could be that he didn't like being inside, and couldn't understand the constant whipping around far turn/into the stretch while not in contention.

Next race, quite wide on the turns, big stride, all on his own, ridden more intuitively by Saez.  Saez of course stays on EQ, but Rosario leaves Dream Shake to come cross country to ride.  If Untreated runs well and hits the board, he'll have to decide between Concert Tour/Hot Rod/Untreated.

I like him here, though we'll have to see how he runs without Lasix...his mile time in his win at TB was faster than Helium same day in the TB Derby.  

SameSteve G

From: SameSteve G


Yes, Untreated improved leaps & bounds from Race 1 to Race 2 to point out the obvious.  He still needs to take another step forward.   BG will be a big class test as the pressure of pace will be a new experience for him.

Has the makings of a nice horse though.




Untreated is intriguing, but I like Highly Motivated.

SameSteve G

From: SameSteve G


Essential Quality & Highly Motivated appear to be, at least on paper, the two most logical choices for the win.  Watch the board.

Untreated is only interesting as a price horse, even 10/1 is cutting it close in terms of value, IMO.

Untreated is untested.   


From: Northof64


Thats exactly what makes me wonder. Big day out west but Rosario travels east to ride a first time stakes for Pletcher?  Things that make you go hmmmmm.  Sidenote. Is Johnny V still Pletchers go to or did I miss a change?