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The Wood   Triple Crown

Started 4/1/21 by princeofdoc; 1799 views.



Slow time, or slow track?

Excelsior - 9f: 1:54.38

Gazelle - 9f: 1:54.18

Wood - 9f: 1:54.49

Drain the Clock sprinted 7f in 1:25.97, and an allowance 6f was run in over 1:14!

Mischievous Alex will get a huge figure for his 1:23.97. 

Edited: MA got a 113 Equibase figure for the Carter, while Kimari got a 108 figure for her 7f win at Keenland, completed in 1:21.5! Just saying! 

This track was entirely different than any of these horses will see at CD. I really don't know how much can be gleaned from this race. That was ridiculous. That track was beyond tiring. 

I was happy with Crowded Trade's effort, but despite having 40 points, I would prefer if he skipped the TC entirely. I don't want to see this horse compromised. I think he has a chance to be a really nice runner. Those three grueling races on this track to begin his career may be too much, too soon. Did you see how those horses looked after the race? Looked like they were running in mud! 

I would prefer if he was managed similarly to Catholic Boy. Give him some turf works and see if he handles that surface, and if so, get him a race on it to determine what to do with him in the second half of the year, away from this quicksand. And while they are at it, work on getting him to break better. 

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From: princeofdoc


We might see him in the Pat Day Mile.....


From: princeofdoc


Agreed.  And he was quite washy in the paddock, yet still ran a credible race.  He'll compete well going forward.

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From: TexSquared


Wood Memorial (G2) and Bay Shore (G3)

Carter (G1), Gazelle (G3), Excelsior (G3)