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Helium- Mark Casse runnner   Triple Crown

Started 4/4/21 by Wintertrian; 5464 views.

From: Wintertrian


princeofdoc said...

big difference with Street Sense and Helium regarding their racing pre-Derby..

And that's why I said:    "I realize he's not Street Sense" in my post.    :) 

To quote myself:  "This is not the right race for him (Helium), the Belmont might be though. .I realize he is probably not Street Sense, who went from Tampa Derby to KY Derby winner......but horses coming out of that race at Tampa usually do great in the Belmont"  

Not sure how you misinterpreted this to mean I thought they were alike in any way.   


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From: Wintertrian


Helium sure didn't embarass himself. 
Ran right up there with the top 3 for much of the race, I was watching his saddle cloth. 

I have to wonder what Casse was thinking when he under-prepared this horse for the race.  This one could have been a contender in the superfecta.  Meanwhile Casse literally gave him no prep, no bottom.  Given that, the horse did very well. 

Ran out of steam around the time EQ passed him.