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Triple Crown Series   Triple Crown

Started 4/18/21 by smartyslew; 25903 views.

From: horseman1985


totall agree. this work is amazing!

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From: smartyslew


The number of key Tail female families within 5 generations in Derby Winners.


Derby Winners Key tf families in 5 gen Pedigree Chart.
first number after Sire/ Bms is The TF family for the horse always
6 positions in the chart, If more than 6 listed is positive that means 
there is more influence in 5 gen. like Country House 11 lines of 9f
, the second number is the Sires tf Family always 5 in that line, if  more than 5 is a good sign for influence
like Authentic sires line has 23b with 7,he picked up 2 more somewhere else.
The 3rd number is the BMsires line, always 4 lines like Authentic's Bm Sire 22b only 4 listed 
Other numbers are female lines with 4 or more in 5 generations like
Justify 6 lines of 2 f with a rf(Powerful),he has more good stuff,
5 lines of 8c, 4 13c, 4 8f,. Justify's pedigree is powerful within .
Back to  Country House his 11 family 9f is both  his sire line and tail female line,positive
Look for higher numbers for the Tff (6), Tff for the sire (5) and Tff for the Bm sire line(4.)
outside those 3 numbers I look for high numbers from 13c, 1 x, 23b, 2f, any family 8
is support for Classic Distance within the pedigree. 
In the 21st Century.
In the 1990's Many of your G1 runners had lots of family 9c within 5 generations, 
Nasrullah, Mahmoud, Royal Charger ,Tudor Minstrel, Alydar, War Eagle, They are further back now Sires.
its the strong Dams taking up more positions in a 5 gen. pedigree married to sires of other families
Crucial tff Taken within 5 generations
-----------------------------------------------Other -------
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From: smartyslew


Stand alone angle for the Win  5/20/21
Belmont Stakes: 6 qualifiers

family branches 5 or 8 within 5 generations
Qualifiers 4 or more of one family 5 or 8
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From: smartyslew


4 or more Tf Families in 5 generation chart listed,: at least 4   horses counted 
For each TF family listed within 5 generations, 1st family listed Tail Family 6 or more
if more than 6 listed it got help somewhere else within 5 generations 
the same for Sire family tf more than 5 and Bms Line if more than 4.
2nd Family listed Sire Family 5 or more  3rd Family listed BMSire Family 4 or more.
also listed families with at least 4 horses or more within 5 generations.

Belmont Stakes key winners tf families in 5 generations
Essential Quality  Tapit/ Mr P 1x(8)3o,13c(9) 7 2f,    Added 6/12/21

From: ChiefsCrown


I knew Brilliant Speed died but didn't know it was from a lightning strike. The horse was probably stabled with shoes on thus isn't lightning attracted to metal?

They call baseball games because of lightning...players wear metal cleats. The above post i see you have triads and CMP furlong distance. I've seen them in certain posts but have no knowledge of the meaning.

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From: smartyslew


last Q on Dirt 11/8 mile or longer.last race only 25.40 or better
Essential Quality 24.98>>,Hot Rod Charlie 25.04 >>     >>>> 1st belmont,2nd,3rd,4th
Bourbonic 25.30,Known Agenda 24.98,>>>Overtook 25.06
Rombauer 24.40>>>>
1 pt-turn time Q only      1st thru 4th>>>
Essential Quality 23.85,Hot Rod Charlie 24.53,
Known Agenda 24.74,Overtook 24.81, Rombauer 23.51
lead at 1/8 pole, 9f or longer  1st-4thhere
Essential Quality, Hot Rod Charlie,
Known Agenda, Rock Your World

From: Oldbettowin


Has anyone translated Rebel’s Romance metric times into 1 3/16 miles or whatever it is?  The UAE Derby wasn’t very fast but visually he looked pretty darned good.  I’m just not sure who he beat besides Panadol and France Go De Ina.  The latter didn’t flatter in the Preakness.  The Racing Post did give RR a 117 for the UAE, one better than Medina got in the KY Derby.


From: smartyslew


I haven't seen anything .



Rebel's Romance ran 6348.425 feet in the UAE Derby in 116.28 seconds (1:56.28). Adjusted to 6270 ft (Preakness distance), which he covered in 114.84 (1:54.84). 

Then there's the issue of timing from the gate with no run-up, which could you deduct somewhere between 1 and 1.8 seconds from the final time.

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I've got one somewhat similar to this.  I look at haplotype E and L for the Belmont specifically.  L is mostly the higher letters in FF5 and a couple in ff11 I believe.  E is basically FF3.  I do not have any test for 8 but it is one that I look for as it is better in the BEL than the KD as a tailFF