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Triple Crown Series   Triple Crown

Started 4/18/21 by smartyslew; 26745 views.

From: DogsUp


Got to admit. In a large field like this and  holding a Tri ticket; watching the closing unfold and having the right horses underneath and the time and distance to the wire narrowing...

Like the hokie pokie.. That's what it's all about!


From: Gerh


You couldn’t tell who was going to be in the tri with 50 feet to go.Nail biting stuff

SameSteve G

From: SameSteve G


Like we said yesterday, that was a very strong race, overall & a scintillating finish for the top 5 who finished within a long length of one another.  Best 3 year old race of the year for the entire planet by a whole lot, IMO.

I was rooting hard for Satono Reinas (#16) the filly, to beat those boys.  She came really close after racing up near the pace, wide for the entire race.  What an effort!

Spectacular racing is the norm in Japan.  The race horses come first, last & always.  The fan base is incredible over there, as well.

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From: smartyslew


Thanks for the video That is great !


From: smartyslew


I would like to thank you Steve and Winter for the heads up when it was race day.

The announcers on the Twin Spires feed said it was a new track record.
the winning time was about 10 lengths faster then Big Reds Record on dirt

2:22 and change for about 12 furlongs.


From: TexSquared


That Tokyo course plays very fast.  Sub-2:24 is commonly run for 12f races.  I get the impression it is rock-hard firm like American turf courses, and isn't a bog like the Europeans prefer.  Firm turf is generally faster than dirt, and let's not forget unlike Churchill Downs, NYRA doesn't "scrape and roll" its dirt tracks to turn them into pavement.  So running 12f over the sandy beach of Belmont Park is going to be tougher and more tiring than that same distance over Tokyo's dry, fast NFL-like lawn :-)


From: smartyslew


I thought it might be harder this year with the times and stakes records broken by more than a little bit, like the White Horse win. That field of 17 in the Japanese Derby  IMO had elite pedigrees for 

12f or longer, with a mix of Japanese Bred Sires to elite Mares from all over The World.

There was a rhythm for the Field ,I don't see in North American racing.

Its a NFL turf but to have that field  of elite runners was enjoyable to watch. Loved it.  


From: Wintertrian


Gerh said...

That was fantastic.What the hell are we doing watching US dirt racing?

 It WAS fantastic.   Drug free horses are the bomb.

It's also a beautiful racecourse.   

I think I've posted about this before, but you get to see the horses for about 20 full minutes, I mean every part of them, not a 5 min post parade.  Also, they show each horse and talka bout them and their legs and stuff aren't "obscured" by ponies, hedges, banners scrolling across your screen, etc.   You can really see what you're wagering on. 

I had the 3d and 4th horse or maybe 5th, I forgot now.....I've won on Stella Veloce before.....and Great Magician

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