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Triple Crown Series   Triple Crown

Started 4/18/21 by smartyslew; 25993 views.

From: Wintertrian


Gerh said...

I saw an interview with one of Baffert’s lawyers and got the feeling he got his law degree at Trump University 

Well we cannot ensure justice for this race.....but at this point  Baffert's reputation, both nationally and internationally has been tarnished and which he deserves.  

Linda Rice still had an entry in the True North, and Flagstff, who's trainer Sadler was supposed to be under probabation for his 3 drug positives in 2019, and which he violated in Sept 2020 (which we didn't hear about unitl May 2021) by administering bisphosponates to Flagstaff, also had a horse in the True North. 

These people are still allowed to make hundreds of thousands of $$.   This would not happen in the majority of non-U.S. racing jurisdictions across the planet.  

At any rate, we can be part of the problem or part of the solution, and the former does nothing good for the horses.   Yes, yawn-yawn-yawn-yawn, we all know that U.S. racing is tainted, but I will keep speaking out .....not for my wagers but for the horses who deserve better.   

I actually don't mind being the broken record because I'm advocating for those who cannot speak up for themselves.  



From: Gerh


I agree with you completely.It looks like the feds getting involved has lit a fire under the powers that be in US racing.It was still great to watch the Oaks and the Derby from Epsom.Totally different product than we get over here.We have Baffert,Sadler.Servis and Navarro while Europe has O’ Brien,Gosden,Stoute,Appleby,Fabre…etc


From: Oldbettowin


I ended up skipping it after I got roped into some “family obligations”.  I had the first three lol but that was a two horse race.  I’m glad I didn’t but I toyed with wheeling a super...a $1 ticket on Rom/EQ/HRC-same-same-KA, Bour, RYW and Over would have only cost $24.  It paid $60 lol.  

The summer races should be interesting this year!  


From: DogsUp


That should never happen said kiddingly to just lead into my joke.

A Great close buddy friend called me at 6:45 PM on the first Saturday in May and said:

Dogs help! My chest is pounding with pain, nausea, dizzy, head throbbed. Can't stand up. Gotta come over and get me to the Emergency Room. What do you think?

Dogs (watching the gate load of the Kentucky Derby:  I think you're going to die .

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From: Wintertrian


Gerh said...

It looks like the feds getting involved has lit a fire under the powers that be in US racing

They ain't seen nothin' yet.  

When USADA takes over, hopefully things will change a whole lot.   That won't happen til Jan 2022 so I won't be "wagering" into US racing til I see it happen. 

If nothing major happens during 2022, I'm out for good

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From: TexSquared


Hot Rod Charlie ran a monster of a race in defeat.  Let's look at the fractions and final times for every horse in the field... HRC ran the distance in 2:27.27.  Using the last 2 TC winners, he was faster than Justify but slower than American Pharoah. France Go De Ina's times are excluded because he was a DNF.

06/05/2021 - Belmont Park Race 11
Belmont Stakes Presented by NYRA Bets
Running Time: 2:27.11
1 1/2 Miles Dirt
Distance Travelled
1/4 1/2 3/4 Mile Finish
Field Times

22.78 46.49 1:12.07 1:37.40 2:27.11
1 2
Essential Quality
23.54[05] 47.29[05] 1:12.49[04] 1:37.56[03] 2:27.11[01]
2 4
Hot Rod Charlie
22.78[01] 46.49[01] 1:12.07[01] 1:37.40[01] 2:27.27[02]
3 3
23.31[04] 47.11[04] 1:12.55[05] 1:37.88[05] 2:28.47[03]
4 6
Known Agenda
23.58[06] 47.38[06] 1:12.70[06] 1:37.95[06] 2:28.60[04]
5 1
23.84[08] 47.61[07]
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From: DogsUp


Did it look like Hot Rod Charlie switched to wrong lead as he did in his last 2?


From: smartyslew


Never mind I was thinking the Million dollar Cull was the 8, he was the 6.


From: Wintertrian


the million dollar cull WAS the 8  (overtook)

It's amazing how many million dollar horses don't run well.  It's like an unlucky purchase price or something   LOL 


From: ChiefsCrown


In 327 days we do this all over again!!

Mandaloun.....2021 Kentucky Derby Champion!!