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Triple Crown Series   Triple Crown

Started 4/18/21 by smartyslew; 24847 views.
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From: smartyslew


The first 5 were in the top part of my chart .  In The First 9 listed , imo that's competitive the winning time 2:01.02
The bottom 10 didn't finish in the first 5


1/8 pole (at the 9.5 f pole) chart to project their final time at 10f. I didn't score the Visuals of each race
Essential Quality    -         2:00.20 -4th
Known Agenda                2:00. 72
Highly Motivated             2:01.00
Hot Rod Charlie               2:01.16-3rd
Rock Your World              2:01.30
Obesos                           2:01.47-5th
Medina Spirit                   2:01.70--1st
Like The King                  2:01.86
Mandaloun                     2:01.87- 2nd
Brooklyn Strong             2:01. 87
Midnight Bourbon            2:01.92
Bourbonic                       2:02.49
Soup And Sandwich         2:02.71
Keepmeinmind                2:02/71    
Helium                            2:02.77
Hidden Stash                   2:02.79
Dynamic One                  2:02.80       
Sainthood                       2:02.82
Super Stock                    2:03.97
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From: smartyslew


Here is how message 3 this thread did. my closing numbers did a little better than Bris late pace numbers did'!
don't forget Mandaloun jogged the last furlong. 

astest final 1/8
O besos              12.26   9 3/16 f--5th
Essential Q          12.43-------4th
H Rod Charlie      12.46    9 3/16 f----3rd
Highly Motivated  12.54
Midnight Bourbon 12.66    9 3/16
Helium                12.83
Sainthood            12.49  (AW)
Like The King       12.69  (AW)
fastest final Q time  25.40 or better
Essential Quality  24.33--4th
Highly  Motivated  24.49
Known Agenda      24.51 
O besos                24.59--5th
Hot Rod Charley    24.97--3rd
Midnight Bourbon  25.24
Hidden Stash         25.34
King Fury               25,37
Soup And Sand     25.40
Rock Your World   25.63* doable 1st 6f 110.64
Sainthood (AW)     25.19
Like The King(AW) 25.28
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From: DogsUp


I noticed that! Great homework 


From: smartyslew


Thank you very much Dogs, that means a lot !

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From: smartyslew


How message 6 did in the Derby

Medina Spirit is the 2nd derby winner with a Nor Dancer/  Turn-to nick,  Charismatic is the Other.

He didn't Qualify for a Conduit , now he does Family 2n Donneta Classification   IS,  same as Sea Bird (S) chef, Langfuhr

others from that family  Point Given, Key to the Mint, and others.

Bred for 10f .

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From: smartyslew


How Message 54 did.

There was no Ran/Mr P sire lines in the top 5..


Medina Spirit has 2 lines of La Troienne in a passing position
He's Loaded with all 4 Large Heart sires in A passing Position
he has both first crop Sire and Dam that' been positive the last few years


La Troienne and Princequillo

Known Agenda, Like The King ,Essential Quality-4th
Hot Rod Charlie-3rd,Rock Your World, Medina Spirit-bp -1st
Highly Motivated-bp, Soup And Sandwich-bp
Dynamic One-bp,, Sainthood-bp, Hidden Stash,
Ran Sire line
Rock Your World, Known Agenda
Like the King, Helium-lat, King Fury
Ran/Nor Dan
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From: smartyslew


First 5 2021 Kentucky Derby  finishers with their CMP Furlong distance  listed
With the Corrected Cmp numbers. 
1st Medina Spirit 8-4-3-7-9  Speed/Stamina index 12/16 =.82,  triads =15-14-19
 CMP furlong distance = 12.8 furlongs 
2nd Mandaloun 3-9-3-9-5, S/S index 12/14 =.82,  triads 15/21/17
CMP furlong distance 12.6 furlongs
3rd Hot Rod CH. 10-1-6-10-3  S/S, 11/13 =1.23,  triads 17/17/19
Cmp furlong Distance 11.16 furlongs 
4th Essential Qu.  13-3-1-2-13 S/S, 16/15 =1.03  triads 17/6/16
CMP furlong Distance 12.15 furlongs
5th Obesos   7-3-4-5-11 S/S 10/16= .68  triads 14/12/20
CMP furlong Distance 13.67 furlongs
I forgot This Projected BMSire was struck by Lightning, its a shame.
Brilliant Speed BMSire of Medina Spirit!
Entered stud in 2013 at Three Chimneys Farm, Kentucky.
Killed by a lightning strike in his paddock on July 13, 2016.
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From: smartyslew


track variant last prep before the derby with the winners number
Florida Derby -Ave          12 Known Agenda    10 2 faster than Variant
Jr steaks turfway AW   5  (thats fast) like the king -2 slower
Wood Memorial       24 slow     Bourbonic 25    1 slower than Variant
Louisiana Derby      2        very fast new track record, Hot Rod Charlie 107 + 9
Santa Anita            11 ave.   Rock Your World  11 ran the variant
Tampa Bay Derby    3 fast  Helium 8,  5 slower than variant
Blue Grass  fast        9    Essential Quality  3    +6 faster 
Arkansas Derby    15 slow     Super Stock 15    -
Louisiana  Derby  fastest track of the preps with a good field
(First 3 +9,+7,+7    Made Mandaloun look bad  -5,  3  slower than variant
Tampa fast track 3   
Blue Grass was fast  9 (91)  Aw track was fast
Santa Anita Derby  11 variant(89)  That's not a fast Track  for S A
I don't know if they had a Bias that day.
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From: smartyslew


The Peter Pan is a Joke Overtook Needs a trainer that will give him more attention.

Pletcher , Ugh  should be the best in thyis group.