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Post Mortem and I have a new perspective   Triple Crown

Started May-3 by Wintertrian; 754 views.

From: Wintertrian


GioPonti said...

Maybe I am over simplifying, but the answer seems obvious to me: they actually care about the horse(s).

That's exactly what I'm saying.  You think Mandella or Motion know LESS about training horses than Baffert does?   Of course not.   

THey are probably just unwilliing to have the entire sport turned into quarterhorse-central, plus they probably want to see their horses last more than a year on the track. 

Oh well, we already know we can't do anything about those special human beings who are enabled by others, every step of the way. over and over again, with nary a handslap.    We watch and shake our heads but as long as there are synchophants available for that job, (thinking maybe they can stuff their pockets a little in the process, too),  it will continue. 


From: clayjohns


"The Times They Are A Changin' "
This is only one aspect of the racing paradigm.

Reality Checks have long been the "Saving Grace" of Thoroughbred Racing In North America.
Remember the introduction of the "Starting Gate?"
"Photo Finish" Photography replaced "Placing Judges."

We must have open ears and eyes to truth and wisdom.


From: Wintertrian


clayjohns said...

We must have open ears and eyes to truth and wisdom.

Reality check is that Classic Distance Racing, going the direction of quarterhorse racing, is not wisdom.  

If you're talking about accepting change, I'm fine with change.    Certainly not like Andy Beyer and many horseplayers who freaked out over synthetic tracks because they couldn't learn to 'cap them. 

There is simply no truth and wisdom into turning long distance routers, who have certain body types and conformations,  into speed demons or glorified sprinters, who can barely make it thru 1 year on the track.  None.  And the reality check is that it's not how its done anywhere else on the planet. 

Not to mention the Hall of Fame trainers who I admire, and who seem to genuinely care about horses, do not train that way, and they most likely won't, despite that they won't win those $1 million dollar races.    Those who wish to go in that direction will though.    I won't be following them as a fan or a spectator, and certainly not as a bettor.