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Ohio Derby   Triple Crown

Started 6/21/21 by princeofdoc; 1738 views.

From: DogsUp


Life is Good agree could come back running.

FL DE LIS  with Letruska winning in 6 gal field exact $50.

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From: Oldbettowin


Tri:  Masqueparade-Promise Keeper-King Fury

I would say watch The Reds for a longshot but they’re in their usual spot, 5 games back.


From: princeofdoc


Good pick, Raes.....the horse looked good, ridden well too.  Ethical looked to be making a move at the top of the stretch, and then just flattened.  I had expected an off track, and thought he would show up.  Wrong again!




Unfortunately, bet down majorly! Race ended up chalky relative to payout. Keepmeinmind is an enigma. He works these blistering fast times, then has absolutely no early speed in his races. I want to like this horse, but he needs to put himself in the race earlier.


From: Wintertrian


RAESFAN said...

Keepmeinmind is an enigma. He works these blistering fast times, then has absolutely no early speed in his races. I want to like this horse, but he needs to put himself in the race earlier.

Actually no engima..   Diordoro is a claiming trainer.  

I've watched him at Oaklawn for 5++ years now.  He's good at one thing......claiming races, but can't manage a horse to be consistent over time.   

I've won big on Dunph, or one of his other horses and the payout is always big....big big.......and you cherish it because its just  rare.  He claims horses.... then mismanages them.   Look at Dreamers Disease, same stuff different day.  You can squeeze a high odds win out of one of his once in a while. 

So claiming races at Lone Star, Oaklawn, Canterbury.....well pretty much anywhere.   He's a "hot potato guy".......too busy moving horses in and out.   A move-em-up guy.  

I've said this in as many way I can here a few times, w/out being totally frank about why he can't bring talented horses along,  so I'll just leave it at that, without getting, um......accusatory--- if you get my drift.    50+ rulings in was running his horse under a suspension in the Preakness. 

There was a time I liked keepmeinmind because he has a nice pedigree. He hasn't won a race in forever.  Diordoro is too "busy busy" to bring a horse along like some of the HOF guys who patiently and capably do that. 

He's the chalk in every claiming race at OP year after year.  After a while you get a feel for what trainers are good at.  

Next time I see him I'm gonna ask him when he's going to retire Pioneer Spirit.   


From: DogsUp


So agree...I've said in all the colt's races ...that is where he ends up at the end of his races and that's where he'll end up in the next.

The exact was $24. The prohibitive favorite in a Grade 3 (drop downs and wanna bees) and my Delta horse underneath.

Thistle has antiquated camera system (I only play the Derby there) doesn't show full field stretched out to last runner. Camera angle at finish looked like King Fury got beat for 2nd.

And I can visually call a dead heat.

Regrettably longer races are not in abundance as King Fury gets rolling in the latter furlongs.

Trainer Ken Peeka Boo McPeek will make adjustments as this one is still off the radar..   :) unlike your now on the radar pick yesterday....a NY bred too!!




That’s a shame, because I think the horse has talent. No chance he will end up with someone else?


From: ChiefsCrown


I like Keepmeinmind, he reminds me a bit like Tactitus...just can't pull the trigger on a win. Had him and Masq in my trifecta, left off King Fury because of no rain.

Maybe a new trainer??


From: Wintertrian


RAESFAN said...

That’s a shame, because I think the horse has talent. No chance he will end up with someone else?

No high level trainer is going to take a horse off a trainer who is known primarily as a claiming trainer.  

Keepmeinmind will run his requisite 41-50+ races, maybe win a g3 or g2 along the way somewhere. 

Dreamers Disease, his other Laoban colt,  is a super fast horse, look what Diordoro has "done" with him.  

In 2020 he had a 31% win rate at OP, 30% at Sam Houston, 28% at Turf Paradise........(all on water/hay/oats???)     That is why I brought up that he ran his horse in the Preakness when he was supposed to be serving out a suspension.    As long as fans keep championing these guys and believing in them, our sport will not improve.  

Fans have to stop believing that a patch on someone's back somehow gets into a horse's bloodstream and creates a positive, for example.  


As an aside, as you guys know about me, it's not the destination it's the journey,  and the only way we will ever be able to hold our heads up high, as particpants in this great sport, is to look carefully at how trainers "get" to where they get to. 

I mean, Richard Mandella is not Dale Baird or Lou Pena or Joe Sharp or Bob Baffert.   We know the difference.   

This is why we need transparency, and good record-keeping that is made publically available.   You can win all the races, but I want to know how it was done:   I want to know how many drug positives you've had, exactly how many of your horses were sacraficed to preventable injuries, or to the meat truck.  

Until they stop short-cutting fixing the sport in the U.S.  and do what Hong Kong has done, I won't regret not wagering into the U.S. sport.   I will still go watch the horses, I will follow them and enjoy them.  But no money will leave my wallet, because........well, that would be like being an investor in Enron or something   LOL z

Thankfully, I do have postive feelings about how things will progress after July 2022.  So I'm happy about that. 



From: Plus2lbs


Well played Piano man..