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2022 2-year-olds/2023 3-year-olds   Handicapping

Started 7/2/21 by smartyslew; 213090 views.

From: smartyslew


How they did Message 1379 this thread.
Race 3 : #2 Victory Information 9-5  was first  4.74 came back nicely grit
race 6 :  #5 Worthington  3-1, 1 mile Turf  1st by 2 1/2 lengths
race 8: #3 Tres Soles 6-1, #5 Hit Show 3-1, #10 Ten Days Later 8-1- 3rd place
Confidence Game 1st
Race 11: #1 Curly Jack 3-1, #9 Cyclone Mischief 8-1, Kentucky Jockey Club 8.5 f g2
1st Instant Coffee, 2nd Curly Jack troubled trip, Cyclone Mischief had the lead at mile hit a wall
Aqueduct race 5: (T)  #10 General Jim  7-2- 3rd place.  8f turf stks , Bat Flip WINNER

From: smartyslew


How long will these Baffert's two year olds with works like this go before they breakdown.

gotta love Mandellas 5 year old work: 9 lengths slower than the Bullet killer work and thats a fast work.

Horse Name Trainer  Sex Age Time Notes Rank Race Status  Virtual
Arabian Lion (KY) Bob Baffert C 2 1:11.20 h 1/6 Last Start
Carmel Road (KY) Bob Baffert C 2 1:11.40 h 2/6
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Spun Intended was impressive. Can’t wait to see Baffert’s Fort Warren who beat SI in their debut, run back!

I was most impressed this last weekend, with Hoosier Philly, winner of the Golden Rod. She was so professional. Seems both athletic and intelligent. She already knows what this business is about.


From: smartyslew


Yes the cream of the crop is slowly moving to the top.

I agree the Filly Hoosier Philly was the best of the 2 year olds racing this last Week

She wins the Golden Rod g2 8.5 f dirt by 5 lengths geared down in the lane in  the time 1.43.94

Same distance Instant Coffee  wins the Jockey club g2 in the time 1.45.25   

Beyer awards him an 82, and awards Hoosier Philly  a 81 ,same track ,1/2 hour apart, go figure, geared down

her time is 6 lengths faster, good  cappers see this and ask will they run Her In the Derby. 

The hype is started.


Pool 2 Future  bets looks like the Filly Hoosier  Philly effected the wagers,
shows all 2 YO Fillys 29-1. Instant Coffee 35-1, 2 YO fillys have the 7th lowest odds because of one Filly imo.

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From: smartyslew


1x tail female family Sires from  cmp conduit BP Classification transendant Mare La Troienne 1x, In a 5 generation Pedigree I like To see as many of these Sires,more than 1 
The More the better, better yet look more for the 1x Dams in a pedigree no matter
The Sires tf family, they rule the roost imo. Some lines of 1x Like the Target Horse, The BMS, the Sire Line their 1x Sires will beyond 5 generations, 6,10,15,20 generations back
more than one line of those are 1x than that piggy backs the Tff and is Powerful.
Buckpasser 1x 
Belong To Me 
Bluegrass Cat: 
Easy Goer
Essential Quality
Go For Gin
Jet Action
More Than Ready
Not For Love
Pleasant Tap
Polish Numbers
Private Account
Sea Hero
Sky Mesa
Smarty Jones
Super Saver
Ten Most Wanted
The Axe 
Top Account
Wisemans Ferry

From: smartyslew


He looks like a elite Sprinter type IMO I need to see a couple more races.




Is that the same way you feel about Speed Boat Beach? Baffert took him to the turf after his big dirt debut, then went to the BC Juvy Turf Sprint. He is a very fast horse, I am curious as to why Baffert took the path with him that he did. I want to see him back on the dirt. Bayern, out of a PioneeroftheNile mare? Not bad!


From: smartyslew


If you mean do I think Speed Boat Beach needs to show more to carry his speed a distance of ground and

Baffert's intent with him yes, Plenty of time to see if Baffert stretches him on dirt  furlong by furlong with that

gate speed to do like others he had  with gate speed to use in a prep to be a rabbit to hold on and win

or wear out other speed to help a team mate and with Baffert he goes with the plan he thinks  is best at the moment,

usually with at least 2 from his stable hopefully with a plan that either can win, I hate to say it, he is outstanding doing that.


From: princeofdoc


My theory is that Baffert's quick works for 2 yr. olds replace that they are far more ready for their first race than others.  He also sees how they compete vs. each other, tells the stable/world, and the battered down prices result


From: Gerh


I was very impressed with Spun Intended.He put that race to bed quickly