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2022 2-year-olds/2023 3-year-olds   Handicapping - HRN Horse-Races.Net

Started 7/2/21 by smartyslew; 257440 views.

From: smartyslew


Thanks Steve, I wanted thoughts or feedback on trainer intent, you are in line

with my thoughts, He is savvy and I can see any trainer trying to get a deep closer

to be closer mid pack or even closer at the break, you did nail it with your certain kind of performer and misdirection, and thats the rub, Do you think he is trying to change with this one.

also Fort Warren is one of his top horses and he did a real slow work and that is a

red flag to me like not close to 100% for the horse,  A say what moment to me.. 2 different Patterns for Beta.


From: princeofdoc


I also noticed the slow work for Fort Warren....huge red flag coming from BB.  But jury is still out on Mr. Fisk, I think he may be a good one, and Beta is simply seeing if he can train him for the Derby preps

SameSteve G

From: SameSteve G


The MSW on Jan 2 was run early in ~23 - ~47 - ~ 1:11 with Mr. Fisk along the inside and a few lengths off that as we all saw.   Mr Fisk ground down the other Baffert in a unremarkable 1:37 and change.

He's not brilliant which is how Beta likes them.  We'll see if he can improve in his next.


From: smartyslew


Well  yes, also he is bred for turf and his Bmside has the 16 to 20 f great

German stamina line with a Stout Chef Line married to Galileo ,Sire Line is the Strong

TC Fappiano line thru Arrogate, I think it is special work in progress ,Give him to

Graham Motion a lot of Animal Kingdom type  German is in here. A turf trainer knows how

to prepare them for dirt.

  • Edited January 16, 2023 1:05 pm  by  smartyslew

From: smartyslew


His last race of 2022 he finished 2nd to Reincarnate ,same distance

Similiar splits 3 lengths back moved up 4 wide partly to 2nd a 1/2 length

behind  1.37.41 . At Del Mar 210 ft Runup Equibase 91 no lasix 1.37,41 Winner

This race at Santa Anita 1st as a 3 yr old Lasix added, runup 175 ft

Equibase 80 with Lasix  1.37.91. The Lasix didn't help his shorter runup imo.


From: Northof64


Anxious to see how Confidence Game runs with these. Winter pointed out his breeding similar to Zenyatta’s I believe months ago. I see he ran a second and a half faster than Instant Coffee (who many like) on the same day at Churchill last November. Big jump in speed rating too. Always thought Desmoreuax was underrated as a trainer. I know new year and new track. Just saying. I was disappointed last September when in Vegas I could not find anywhere to take a futures bet on him. If he runs well or wins props to Winter who liked him last summer already. Even if he does not fair well here he does like Churchill if he gets enough points.   North


From: smartyslew


Yes , I have him ranked very high ,Pedigree wise, like you Winter pointed him to my direction

and I haven't capped this race for on the field stats yet. Its getting tougher early on the trail

the North America Breeder is improving Imo and a surge of 1st year sires is

also a blessing. If Only the Trainers and connections would improve,

a lasix free field, with a few rushed into this spot a little behind on fitness

haven't stretched out yet will be hard to support in this field.

I usually have these capped before the odds come out and posted.
there will be value for sure in this field and no clue yet, Who.


From: smartyslew


3-year-olds: male or female
through 01/15/2023

Verifying OP 14 Jan 1M 97
Newgate SA 08 Jan 1M 95
Reincarnate SA 08 Jan 1M 95
National Treasure SA 08 Jan 1M 94
Victory Formation OP 01 Jan 1M 91
Cyclone Mischief GP 08 Jan 1M 90
Gun Pilot OP 14 Jan 1M 88
Sassy Nature SA 07 Jan 6F 88
Angel of Empire OP 01 Jan 1M 86
Candidate GP 07 Jan 1M 86
Recruiter PRX 03 Jan 7F 86
Lugan Knight AQU 07 Jan 1M 85
Shopper's Revenge OP 14 Jan 1 1/16M 85
Arctic Arrogance AQU 07 Jan 1M 84
Super Chow GP 01 Jan 6F 84
Listentothemusic GP 11 Jan 5F 83
Major Dude GP 07 Jan 1M 83
Two Eagles River OP 14 Jan 1M 83
Ziaerati AQU 15 Jan 7F 83
Infinite Diamond GP 01 Jan 1M 82
Joey Freshwater AQU 01 Jan 6F 82
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From: smartyslew


The 4 with wins at CD need more than one look imo and don't need to win

this race, Finish good or coming with or without a bad trip in a 8.5 F prep

not the best distance for most in here.