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2021 2 year olds   Handicapping

Started 7/2/21 by smartyslew; 115085 views.

From: smartyslew


11/20/21  top 2022 Kentucky Derby wannabe's listed A thru Z
I have none of the 2 yr old turfers on this list at this time.
That can change if they try the dirt and show promise to be competitive
tail female families are listed first.
9f Classic Causeway 
3m Commandperformance
16g Double Thunder rf 1x
 21a  Epicenter
19c Giant Game  rf 2d
3j  Howling Time
1e Jack Christopher
8h Key Point
4c Major General rf 3L
2f Mannix rf 2d
12b Messier
3g Mo Donegal
4m Octane  rf  1x
13 Overstep 
1x- Oviatt Class
2h Pappacap
16g Pinehurst
17b Rattle N Roll
10a Rockefeller rf  2s
42  Strava
1n Zatip 
Waiting in the Wings
12b Affable Monarch
22c Cajuns Magic
21a Freelancer rf 2s
4r Gilded Age  rf 2 s
14c Higher Standard
9f  HP Moon     8/21/21 ?
4r Kamui 
8c Life Is Great
26 Rocket Dawg
4r  Shipsational
12c Simplification rf 12c
6d Smile Happy
1e  Spartan Army
9e White Abarrio
8c Win For The Money AW
3i Winterwood 
2b Witty rf 1x

From: Gerh


He is 15-1 in the first futures pool.No Baffert horses listed


From: smartyslew


100-1 a few days ago in Las Vegas, he was well under the radar until this pool came out

Suggest Behind the scenes they are talking about him a lot. If your a future player

William Hills the place to look for Gamblers if you like him.  15-1 is N/A this time of year.


From: Gerh


With Romans as the trainer,he will be given every possible opportunity to secure a spot in the starting gate


From: Wintertrian


Took a look at the KY Derby Futures lists.   For both horses, fillies and sires. 

Classic Empire not listed in the future sires list.   

Nor are the Classic Empire progeny I like listed in the derby futures. 

Strange.   That they didn't include. 

Classic Empire was nursing a bad foot since before the ARKIE Derby.  And was kept out of the Belmont due to that foot problem, so Casse could never race him at the level he wanted to.  That was a gorgeous pedigree and I wish he had not been nursing that bad abcessed foot since he never got to show his true abilities. 

anyway, I love him as a sire, and I like his colt, Classic Moment.    Plenty enough classicity w/Fappiano-Unbridled-Empire Maker-PON on sire side;   then tons of speed on the mare's side.   Then, plenty  of HOYs in this guy's pedigree as well as Broodmare of the Year Leslie's Lady.    23b family

Interestingly, Classic Empire did well in KY (Churchill and Keenland) exactly where Classic Moment is doing well.  He may end up being too sprinty, guess we'll see. . 


From: smartyslew


Message 354 is our  Kentucky Derby to stretch out list and waiting in the Wings

to stretch out list .

Kentucky Jockey Club had 4 entrants from this list Waiting in the wings had the Winner

Smile Happy 1st, White Abarrio- 3rd, The Main list had Classic Causeway -2nd place

Howling Time -5th place. Boxing Those 4 paid the Trifecta; $1 pd $127.10


From: smartyslew


If you took the time to look over this list(message 352) for the Central Park Stakes Race 7 on the Turf 8.5 f, yesterday , this has the Male turfers on it . projected to move up. The first 4 finishers

were the only ones on this list Sy Dog 1st, Ohtwoohthreefive 2nd, Maseta 3rd, General Ken 4th

$1 Super $1520.00.

I suggest using my lists to see if they are entered in a race, It could be worth it.

I have found with 2 yr olds to have better luck with Boxes than keying, wheeling that works better

for me , 2 yr olds are growing and can take turns reaching the next rung on the ladder

Born January to June depending what month they start racing is tough to gauge where a horse is 

maturing. Keys and wheels work better for me with mature horses racing that are fit.

Once in a while and maybe one or two a year  will stand out and I might key them if I think they are special.

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From: smartyslew


35-1 noon time PST today, 3 hrs to go.




I was a little surprised they left Corniche off, so I would assume he is gone for good for KD.  Glad to see they did that.   I did notice on the sires Quality Road  is pretty low so maybe that has some effect there, don't know any others up there with QR. 

I was not going to bet the future, but went ahead and put a small one down on Rattle and Roll.  Giant Game is not one I would bet for the KD  GC over an MTR does not scream that to me to bet on this far out.


From: DogsUp


Ahh Smarty...I do remember that post and it stuck ...Sy Dog

All know I don't bet numbers, silks, names, dreams, personal connotations. ..Give me PPs or give me death.

But....Some may recall the Dogs lives and is a native SYracusan.

I said throughout the 7 fl, why did you go against your hard and fast rule.. and bet Sy Dog who closed 10 far back...regretting every second. And it looked like he got beat not quite getting up in time.

  • Edited November 28, 2021 9:41 pm  by  DogsUp