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2021 2 year olds   Handicapping

Started 7/2/21 by smartyslew; 47058 views.
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From: smartyslew


2 yo's that raced threw 8/19/21 of interest updated 
Nobody on the list is unraced ! edit 8/19/21
American Xperimint off the turf
Big City Lights  E 102-sprinter
Bourbon Heist
Chancellor Bay-rf
Coinage (NY) RF
Costa Terra
Daufuskie  sprinter
Don't wait up
Dripping Gold n(T)
Electrostatic ( T)
Emmas Waltz  11 2d-rf
Feel The Fear
First Empire (T)
Flying Drummer
Free Lancer
Gunite (speed)   E 89
Heat Merchant (aw)
Headline Report >   E90
High Oak
In Due Time
James ALoysius
Joker Boy
Kevins  Folly
Key Point 
Kiss The Sky
Lenny K (aw)sprinter- 3 yo
Limited Liability
Midnight Worker
Murray     E 86
No Sabe Nada -sprint
O Captain
Old Town Road 2 -RF
On Thin Ice (T)
One Timer (AW)  E 100
Portfolio Company (T)
Power Agenda
Red Danger (T)
Respect The Code rf
Rock N Rye (Cal)
Roger Mcqueen
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From: princeofdoc


Most of those decisions are makes it possible to have the large staff, the premium stables at the top tracks, and the services of the best jocks.  In addition, if you have a large number of 2 yr. old colts and fillies, the chances are much better that one of them can become great.

It's a little like the mom 'n pop stores vs. the chains.....many people may prefer to see the smaller barns flourish, yet they may also shop at Costco


From: Plus2lbs


Horse won impressive at Sar yesterday.. thinks.

My bad...she a filly

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Just watched a juvy MSW for fillies at Arlington/ Catalano has an MTR named Dressed, that looked very good in an off the turf race at 8.5f. She ran second in her debut behind another MTR who I absolutely was looking forward to due to her works, by the name of Plus Chic. This race flattered her as Dressed won at 3/5. She broke from the rail, was stuck behind traffic for a while, so the jock took back and then circled the leaders to win under a hand ride by about 3. Can't wait to see Plus Chic switch to the main track and stretch out, even though it is all weather. Two nice fillies that may one day get to match up against better out east.


From: smartyslew


Thanks,  Fillys are good, 


From: smartyslew


Thanks I'll check it out. 

I still have your lists from pre races, About 4 unraced lists, this year my list on here

are runners only, It seems to be easier than a projected list of mostly blue bloods

or deep pocket purchases. At an early age when they race and they improve or digress they can

work there way back on the list 5f, 6f, 8f, 9f, 10f, etc . They don't have to win to get on the list

ITM , trips , strong turn of foot etc. The longer the races the easier to pick, and 5 or 6 in the same race will eliminate some .


From: Wintertrian


princeofdoc said...

the premium stables at the top tracks

What is your definition of *premium*?

Japan Racing at Miho and Ritto Training Centers is premim ---- every aspect was built with the horse's well-being in mind.   They are drug free when racing.  "Amenities for the horses at Miho :  "60-meter indoor swimming pool.   And if, after a dip, winter winds cast a chill, it’s no problem. Horses dry off under a hot-air fan before returning to their stalls. There are water treadmills, and a fully staffed hospital w/30 on-site veterinarians, a forest with trails and a waterfall, training ovals with different courses, and a steep slope course specifically designed for developing endurance.  They are not even exposed to pollution from cars and buses (realizeing that horses are sensitive).   The hospital is latest-greatest.......a grown man can fit his forearm into one of the equine nebulizer masks, and you could park a forklift on the X-ray platform. The training courses are given extra bounce to reduce wear and tear on horses’ legs.  At Miho’s periphery, recorded birdsong warbles forth from speakers along a verdant walking path — tapes are even switched to match the season.  Parched horses can quench their thirst at a scenic waterfall nearby. Aside from the rolling pastures of Hokkaido, where the vast majority of Japanese racehorses are bred, this is as close to equine heaven as it gets......"

Miho horses are coddled even in the hereafter. At a picturesque grove between racing tracks, horse-lovers place oats, carrots and sugar before a shrine honoring the souls of late contenders...."

“It’s definitely the best I’ve ever worked at,” said Lisa Mumby, 26, a New Zealand jockey.  "They look after the horse and treat it like an animal with feelings.”

Its the antithesis to the utter dysfunction of American racing in every way.  They run a clean sport. 

US racing OTOH is like playing the stock market w/out a Securities and Exchange Commission to oversee it. 
And that is why the amount of money wagered on Japanese racing is about triple the amount wagers on American tracks despite American tracks running 3x as many races and the US having 3x the population of Japan.   

Rachel Alexandra like I said in the other topic, was burned out and not even turned out to pasture.  She was kept at the racetrack and her "vacation" was in a round pen over at the backside.   This is what people like Jackson do.  She was an "investment" and they juiced the lemon.   

I cried over her.   


From: princeofdoc


Well-bred colts contested the 1st at SAR today, and Pletcher has a good one in Major General.....looked like he was passed, and he came back to win first out easily.  Well prepared, well ridden Constitution colt should continue to impress.

On the other hand, Asmussen's million $$ colt, Raymond, ran like s**t.  Broke well, contested the lead, and faded to the back without much left. 


From: smartyslew


Thanks, 6.5 f race

Major General grabbed the lead , lead at all calls no more than a length lead

and every call  a different entrant in 2nd place and 2nd place finisher Bourbon Heist

already on our list loses by a neck after a real bad trip, bumped hard at the start

could make a case by some best in the race to stretch out, long way to go from

6.5 f. saying that both are on the list. 




MTR continues to enjoy success in these juvy turf sprints, especially with his fillies. At Monmouth today, a filly named Koala Princess, out of a Lonhro mare, won her debut by 8, not easy to do at such a short distance. Hopefully, he’ll have a chance to expand his impressive success as a sire of BC champions!