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Woodbine jockey suspended for rest of season   General Discussions

Started Jul-15 by TexSquared; 739 views.

From: TexSquared


Yeah, this article:
BUFFERY: Woodbine jockey Salles regrets mistake and suspension | Toronto Sun

also covered here:
Multiple Safety-Related Violations Results in 4 1/2-Month Suspension for Jockey Salles (

He's ridden in Asia and the Middle East?  The stewards in those places are a lot more strict compared to ours.  Remember, Dubai World Cup day you see all sorts of fines and suspensions handed down for careless riding, excessive use of the whip, etc...  If his riding style is bad enough to get a 4 month suspension in North America he should have a lifetime ban from Hong Kong or Dubai!  I'd love to see how many penalties he had overseas!

Since suspensions are enforced worldwide he's out of work until December and says he'll ride in the Middle East in the winter (doesn't say where... could be any of UAE, Saudi, Qatar...) then come back here for our 2022 meet. 

SameSteve G

From: SameSteve G


Really.  The International rules are cast iron compared to N. America.  Canada is a step up from the US, though.  US is way too permissive, IMO.

Apparently, the idea of adapting his riding to fit the rules at Woodbine never occurred to Salles.  His thinking only got him to Part A.  My riding doesn't fit.

And never to Part B:  Hey maybe I should adapt!   

Or, Part C:  Change the rules to fit my style!!   LOL!


From: TexSquared


It doesn't make sense.  If this guy can ride in Asia and the Middle East without getting suspended and fined all the time, his riding style SHOULD be acceptable in North America.  The other places all had the more strict whip rules before we did, for example  (nowhere is as strict as New Jersey, but I'm talking about things like no overhand hits a la Jorge Chavez, limit on how many strikes per race, must give the horse a chance to respond, etc), and you see fines and suspensions all over the place for "careless riding" which wouldn't even register with our stewards unless it was bad enough to warrant a DQ.

Dude should spend his downtime studying race videos where jockeys got penalized and learn what not to do...